5 Reasons to Choose a Matchmaker If You’re too Busy to Date
June 11, 2015

Many professional singles in Atlanta, GA find themselves frustrated, struggling with the balance of finding love and maintaining success in their career. If you assumed that you were the only one, you’re wrong. There are thousands of young adults to middle-aged businessmen and women who believe it is almost impossible to discover a middle ground between personal and professional success.

Too busy to date? One on One Matchmaking knows exactly where to find the perfect match for you, surpassing the tedious task of ‘playing the field’.

How do we do it?

  • One on One Matchmaking offers you individual attention as a single businessperson. Through a specific selection process we choose prime candidates who fit the professional market we’re targeting. We get to know your dating style and the kind of man or woman who would fit perfectly into your busy corporate lifestyle.
  • After we get to know your expectations for a relationship we take it from there: establishing a deep relationship with you in order to find the most relative matches. Customized date searches are our specialty and we do all of the work for you from date coaching to coordinating to our external image consulting. We don’t just rely on a computer to find the perfect date for you. We hand pick each match so that it’s custom to your needs.
  • Many would say that the most tedious aspects of dating today are the logistics. Let us handle that for you! We’ll coordinate everything from recommending ideal date ideas for you to planning all of the little details. With this arrangement, you have less time to stress about balancing that hectic day at work and more time to relax and enjoy connecting with our individually chosen match for you.
  • The best part about our service is that you’re not going to be the only one that wants to focus on maintaining a successful career. All of our clients live around the professional routine and believe in the same balance that you do. Luckily, we can give you both the needed push to get there. We find matches that will support your busy work life. Whether means finding someone who can stay home and cook the meals, or finding someone who wants to work just as much as you do, you’re guaranteed to find the right person for your lifestyle. If you believe you’re too busy to be dating, chances are they do too, which is why our services cater to such a specific set of singles.
  • One on One can make the strenuous professional lifestyle and dating at the same time an enjoyable task, but it’s up to you to compartmentalize. Enjoy yourself and relax on our carefully matched date. Don’t worry about the work place and have a good time!

Whether you want an easy-going date or someone with the same work goals as you, we can help match you! Contact us today to learn more!