5 Ways Dating in Atlanta is Different

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Dating in Atlanta is quite different than, let’s say, dating in Little Rock, Arkansas, or Park City, Utah. We are a major metropolitan city and the melting pot of the South. Many people from all around the Southeast come here to be in the “big city” much like NYC, LA, and Chicago. That being said, people can still have that cosmopolitan attitude, since many are transplants from other areas of the country and the world.

One of the main differences is that Atlanta is a little fancier than a lot of other state capitals. Everyone dresses up and looks nice when they’re out in public – especially when on a date. That means your top priorities should include: a wardrobe that is – or looks – expensive; a stylish haircut and color; and looking put together. In fact, most of our bars and restaurants have dress codes, so looking good is practically a requirement.

And, speaking of restaurants, Atlanta is a foodie city. That means, instead of (gasp!) suggesting a chain restaurant for a date, check out the new hip restaurant, a trendy bar, and/or walking around cool neighborhoods.

Our traffic situation – with 285 dividing us into those who live inside vs. outside the perimeter (ITP vs. OTP) – is another major factor. Many people feel like they don’t want to date someone on the other side because traffic would be insane. On one hand, that seems to make sense; on the other hand, however, do you really want to shrink your pool of eligible singles by just discounting all of those potential suitors? What if they’re open to moving? What if you are?

Atlanta women exude Southern confidence, which is great – unless you’re over-confident. Over-confidence can get you in trouble when you think you’re a 10 and deserve to date only the hottest men. If that’s the case, here are some suggestions: (1) Makeup can be your best friend; (2) While headed to Sephora or a department store to buy it, consider a skincare regimen, treat yourself to a facial, or – dare I mention it? – try Botox; (3) Hire a personal trainer; and (4) Find a stylist. In Atlanta, Glam Kam is amazing for women and Joshua Davis for men.

Finally, being fit and living a healthy lifestyle is also important. You don’t need a six-pack or crazy cut arms and thighs; but – if you want to be at the top of your dating game – exercising and eating right can make a big difference in how (and who!) you feel.

If you’ve noticed other ways in which dating in Atlanta differs from elsewhere, please let us know in the comments section!

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