Dating Sites That Get Valuable Results in 2018
September 25, 2018

The online dating scene is constantly changing. New sites are coming to the App store every day. It’s just a matter of finding out the ones that work for you. You might hear from friends that a certain app or site is better than the other, but you need to remember that everyone is different and there are different types of people on all of them. This blog will talk about the pros and cons of the “top dating sites” and you can assess which one you think will work for you.

This is a site for pretty much everyone. Meaning all ages, all demographics, and all types of people. Some even joke that this is the site you could run into a family member on. They have done a great job keeping up with technology and now you can even put short videos on your profile so people can get to know you better. The tricky part with this is that they don’t space out “likes”. So you could fill out a profile and the next morning get over 100 likes and then immediately be overwhelmed and it somehow turned into a chore.


Hinge is a dating site for ages 22- 45 and focuses on matching people through friends. It is a mobile app that doesn’t use swiping. Instead, there are prompts you to fill out on your profile so users can get more information about you. For example: what celebrity would you like to be stranded on an island with? What makes you happy? What is the story of your first kiss?  By picking out which questions to answer, you have the opportunity to shine through your profile, not just your photos.

Bumble/ Tinder

These free apps are mainly for swiping left or right and have a majority of singles. There are a lot of success stories from these sites, but the more popular they get the more questionable the matches are. Sometimes when you’re on these sites you do a lot of swiping to only come across a few people you find attractive.