By Anna Lentz To be honest, the odds are not “forever in your favor.” In fact, in Atlanta, there are 80,000 more single women than men. With odds like these, you seriously have to step up your game. In order to navigate this dating scene, I feel like you have to know who you are… Read More >
By Emily Soltan With the online dating world becoming so common, it’s becoming easier to go on more first dates than ever before. Sometimes it seems like everyone is looking for the next best thing. Since swiping left or right has become so normal to us, we are being noncommittal and going on a lot… Read More >
  By Emily Soltan Tired of swiping left and right and living your dating life on your phone or computer? Do you want to get out and actually meet people in person and strike up a conversation at the bar? We’ve all been there. The reality is, it’s hard to get out there and meet… Read More >
The History of Matchmaking and Matchmaking History In ATL Matchmaking History – You can read an interesting and poignant overview of matchmaking in the history of the world in the article by JR Thorpe entitled “Matchmaking History in 7 Strange Facts.” In short there are 7 Phases in Matchmaking History: Biblical Greek Eastern Jewish… Read More >
Where can you meet people in Atlanta? Everywhere! This is a topic of discussion among many of my friends: Where, oh where, can you meet that person of substance—someone you would consider dating long term?! The best places to meet are sometimes the unexpected. Imagine any of these scenarios for finding people to meet. Play… Read More >
It is not as scary as some would make you think.  Dating can be fun; it’s all about being smart during the process. Like all things you decide to do, the first step is to do your research. We all have a type we are drawn to, whether it’s athletic, intellectual, free-spirited, humorous, adventurous, or… Read More >
There are so many places you can take that special first date, but you want to be sure you select just the right spot. First dates can be casual to light romance, a day excursion or evening hot spot, a wide selection of restaurants to a game arcade, a local park or festival event—the choices… Read More >
Career-minded individuals are seldom seen around town. Career-minded individuals will not always be at some of the spots you would hope to find them, but why not?! Simple—they are working their tails off focusing on their careers! While they want to meet someone just as much as the next person, they are very selective and… Read More >