Common First Date Mistakes for Men
July 6, 2014

Common First Date Mistakes.

For men, getting ready for a first date is much different than for women. Many men don’t put in enough effort, while many women put in too much effort. There are few things more attractive than a well-kept man. Below are just a couple common mistakes men make when getting ready for a first date.

Wearing wrinkled clothes

Guys, it doesn’t matter how expensive your shirt was if you show up looking all disheveled. Iron your outfit. No excuses.

Wearing dirty shoes

First and foremost, wear clean shoes. Don’t show up in shoes that have holes in them and look like they’ve never been washed. Secondly, if you’re wearing loafers with socks, wear matching socks. If you’re going without socks, be sure the shoes don’t smell.

Going too casual

Even if you’re going to a chill, local bar to grab a couple drinks, it is important to still look presentable. By under-dressing, not only will she notice that you didn’t put in any effort, but it could also make her feel over-dressed, even when she isn’t. Let her know she is worth you dressing up a little for, even if it is a polo and a pair of jeans.

Wearing too much cologne

We understand that you want to smell good, but don’t overdo it. Wearing too much cologne can be more offensive than wearing none.

Forgetting the little things

Three words: hair, skin, and nails. The messy hairstyle works for models, but it’s hard for anyone to achieve that look without a hairstylist. Don’t show up to the date looking like you combed your hair with a pillow. Make sure to trim up your facial hair, so that you don’t look like a caveman. If you have dry skin, put on some lotion to take care of that and check your nails to make sure they are clean.

Not picking her up

For the first date, picking her up to take her out is the way to go. Although it may be easier to meet up at the restaurant or wherever the date is, you gain a little extra time to talk and get comfortable. Besides, the parking lot isn’t the most romantic place for a goodnight kiss.

Planning a cliché date

Guys, dinner and a movie is not an ideal first date. Take a little pressure off the both of you by just asking her to grab drinks or coffee. This gives you a chance to really talk and get to know each other without awkwardly trying to eat and carry on a conversation. Dinner and a movie is more ideal for a second or third date. However, if you grab cocktails, make sure not to overdo it. A couple cocktails can loosen up the situation and make you both open up more, but too many cocktails can be a recipe for disaster.

Before your big date this weekend, make sure you aren’t making any of these common first date mistakes!