Don’t Just Make a Resolution, Take Action!
December 31, 2013

New Year’s resolutions. Everyone makes them, but this New Year focus acting out your resolutions rather than simply stating or writing them down and never looking at them again.

We are in the business of love, so we are going to give you ways to make successful resolutions for your love life. Rather than saying “My New Year’s resolution is to find love,” make your resolution for 2014 being committed to doing a co-ed activity. Many singles need to work on themselves more, before they are ready to for love. That should be your focus. See our resolution ideas below.

Be more confident this year

This one is easier said than done, but that is why you are going to focus on certain acts that build your confidence. For instance, walking around in a really nice suit may do the trick for a man. Who cares if you have no where to go, if a suit is what you need to hold your head a little higher and put a little more pep in your step so be it.

For women make-up or heels may be your confidence booster. Get your make-up routine down so that you can throw it on at the spur of the moment. Not feeling pretty enough should never be an excuse to walk around feeling shy or for refusing to make eye contact with a hunk. The same goes for the heels. Don’t walk around in flats, if you aren’t going to feel your best.

These suggestions may seem silly or simple, but try it out. Make sure you feel like you are putting your best self forward every day and your confidence will go up. The trick is figuring out what makes you feel your best. Experiment with different clothing and hairstyles to know what works for you. If weight is the issue, join a gym. Make an effort to walk a mile a day, until that’s easy then add a mile, then another and another. Sedentary people will see great results, resulting in more confidence!

Learn how to attract better people this year

This goes along with joining the gym and dressing the part. If you feel like you have been attracting more zeros than heroes lately, assess what it is you are not doing. Do you know someone who is similar to you, but getting different attention in the dating world? Go out with them and watch them. Is there a certain look they give? Are they more flirty than you? What about their posture? Body language gives important cues.

You don’t have to completely change who you are but tweaking your mannerisms and the way you carry yourself ever so slightly could make a big change. Practice makes perfect so incorporate changes slowly and see what kind of results you get. We would suggests incorporating a soft touch into your flirting. For both men and women, a soft touch to the arm saying excuse me with a smile will work. Men, hold her gaze and say hello, if she doesn’t quickly look away. Women, hold his gaze with a flirty smile. If he is interested, he will say, “Hi.” From there it’s up to you to ask his name and get a conversation rolling. Be sure not to force it. A conversation should bounce back and forth.

This tip will likely help women a great deal, because only waiting for men to approach you all the time will almost surely bring out the duds, who have nothing to lose. The good guys get nervous. They know they are good or at least okay and they don’t want to get their feelings hurt anymore than you do. Give them a hint you’re interested.

No settling this year

Who has the time to settle? Relationships and marriage are hard. Don’t settle for someone mediocre. Come up with a list of traits you didn’t like about your ex’s and do not spend more than a month figuring out if your new sweeties possess them or not. You only have one life to live. Weed out the rift raft quickly! Make this your resolution and the quality of your relationships should go up significantly this year.

Be more positive this year

Have you ever heard the saying, “You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind?” No one wants to be around someone who is always negative. Learn how to be positive this year and positivity will find you. Positivity changes your perspective for the better and can greatly improve your chances of finding love. If you are an arguer by nature, learn how to let small things go. Is it worth ending a relationship because he doesn’t take out the trash or because she doesn’t like washing dishes? Relationships are about compromise. Positivity will allow you to find happy medians when you and your sweetie have different views.

Those are our suggestions for your New Year’s resolutions. Hopefully, they will help some of you find and keep love.

Until next year, good luck!

One on One and Eight at Eight