How to Find Singles Without Online Dating
July 5, 2016

We’ve all heard online dating companies claim that they have “Tons of singles on our website – with new members joining up every day!” Well…as I’m sure any online daters reading this blog post have already figured out, quantity does not equal quality. Yes, they may actually have the numbers, but when it comes to a relationship, you’re really searching for one in a million. That’s a lot of swiping left.


For those who’ve ventured into the cyber dating world, you know the fun doesn’t stop there. Don’t forget about push notifications, awful pick-up lines, people who “aren’t looking for anything serious,” and the time wasted messaging somebody who looks completely different in person.


We don’t want to brag about how good we are (that’s what our now-married-thanks-to-us clients are for!). And, while this is our business, each of our team members is an ardent believer in how working with a good matchmaker helps you avoid the online dating inconveniences. But, if the reasons mentioned above aren’t compelling enough, here are a few more reasons why we hope you will give us a try!


  1. It’s a meat locker in there. People are fickle. When all they see is a picture, that’s the entire background story they get. However, when a matchmaker gets involved, the focus is directed at each person’s true character. This way, you get to know about the person you’re being set up with before agreeing to a date, instead of jumping into unchartered waters.


  1. Everyone who hires a matchmaker is looking for a relationship! A chief complaint of online daters is there are too many people who only want to play in the fun zone – and are just looking for flings. When you work with a matchmaker, however, they’re quickly filtered out and you get paired with someone with whom you have shared interests instead – like wanting to be in a relationship!


  1. Pictures can be deceiving – and nobody wants a catfish on their hands. (Those are mean people who set up accounts under false names and, disguised as their characters, form relationships online.) Having a matchmaker is like sending a friend on that first date – with your best interests in mind. Your matchmaker will have interviewed and met your date in person before you do, looking for your type in both physical and personality aspects, fully aware of all the turn-offs you’ve mentioned.


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