Guest Blogger – Jenna the Intern!
January 15, 2016

Five Good Reasons to Say YES To Dating in 2016!

Hello everyone! We are here with advice to give and stories to tell. My name is Jenna, I’m a 16 year old guest blogger and I want to talk about the reasons we women say no to dates, and then the 5 reasons why you should start saying yes. It’s 2016, you have made it another year and if you’re reading this, you’re probably still single. Let’s talk about that. For me personally, there are a few reasons why I have said no to dates in the past,

  1. I’m not really feeling the guy and the way he goes about asking me out
  2. He isn’t my total dream guy
  3. I don’t see a future

We all know already that guys are clueless, that’s not news. But oh my goodness if we women don’t start saying yes instead of no the guys that are clueless and secretly great guys, will become a dying breed. So here’s what I’ve learned..

It’s not as big a deal as you think if he’s acting like the date is super casual. It’s ok! Let it be a casual date. It kind of relieves some of the pressure off of the both of you. This way you can both relax and actually get to know each other. Which is the point of a date is it not? It’s also okay if he doesn’t meet all your criteria, as a woman, we can be a bit too picky at times.

Here’s my suggestion, it’s the year of 2016. Let’s make relationships happen, let’s make some memories, and let’s definitely stop jumping to the gun and saying no.  Thinking about matchmaking in Atlanta!

The 5 Ultimate Reasons You Should Say Yes:

  1. Try something, (or someone), new for a change. They might pleasantly surprise you.
  2. I know it’s scary, but let down your guard for a little bit when dating. It’s okay to be tentative but not to the point where it’s stopping you from having a good time.
  3. Say yes because he’s cute. So what if that’s the only reason. If it’s your first time going out in a little while, it’s probably best if you at least have someone yummy to look at. Makes it a little easier.
  4. Say yes to personality. So what if he isn’t totally your dreamy blue eyed guy with blonde hair and a toned butt!! I guarantee you’ll find something about him you can totally surprise yourself about.
  5. Stop saying no because he’s shy, stop saying no because he’s cocky, stop saying no because you’re nervous.

Let the year of 2016  be the year you spend finding love. I’m not saying say yes to the creepy guy that texts you a bunch of winky faces. Let’s stop being so nervous and such overthinkers. We can do this. Whoever you are, you are cute, smart and you totally need to start saying yes.


  • Jenna – age 16