How to Make a Good Impression on a Virtual Date
March 31, 2020

Pick a Good Location

Pick a spot that has good lighting. Avoid dark rooms and opt for a location with good natural light or decent lamp exposure. Pro-tip- turn off your overhead light and turn on a lamp near your face or behind you instead.

If possible, use your computer/ laptop instead of your cell phone. It’s better quality and you can prop it up on a pillow to avoid unflattering angles. If your computer/ laptop doesn’t have FaceTime and that is the way you scheduled the date, don’t worry. Just prop your phone up on something so you don’t have to hold it the whole time.

Plan Your Outfit

Yes, everyone is most likely working from home right now- meaning comfortable outfits galore. Take time and get ready for this virtual DATE. Yes, it is still a date. No, you don’t need to put on a dress and heels, but you do need to look put together, clean, and cute.

Women- wear something comfortable yet sexy. A bright colored off the shoulder top will work! Do your hair and makeup even though it may feel silly to get ready for staying inside. Pro-tip- opt for a little more makeup than normal because makeup doesn’t show up well in videos.

Men- throw on a button down to be safe!


Make the conversation AT LEAST 30 mins. Coronavirus will mostly be talked about and that’s fine- but also try to get to know the person on the other side of the camera. Where they are from/ what they do for a living/ etc.

Things to ask your date:

  • Interesting things they’ve done in their free time?
  • What they are looking forward to when this is all over?
  • Would they like to keep in touch with you and plan a real date when you’re able?