Looking For Love in Atlanta Where You Can Meet Professional Singles
September 15, 2016


Where to Meet Singles Looking for Love in Atlanta

If you are new to Atlanta, although Atlanta is full of eligible singles, sometimes it can be a challenge to discover where to meet other executive and professional singles looking for love.


Stop Looking for Love in Atlanta in
All of the Wrong Places…


Tequila shot, salt and lime looking for love disasters

Craigslist and the bars are not where to find the best uspscale singles in Atlanta.


What is Under the Ralph Lauren Dresses and Suth’n Seersucker Suits on Atlanta Streets?

Atlanta, although vibrant, and cosmopolitan on the surface, is still a genteel Southern culture underneath it’s seersucker suits and tanning booth bronze flesh.


“Top 10 Places to Meet Singles Just Like You Looking for Love in Atlanta”

Over the next few days we’ll explore unexpected places to meet several varieties of dynamic Atlanta singles looking for love:

  • For the lady singles looking for love, we’ll peel back the mahogany doors and reveal exactly where you can find the best Top 10 Places in Atlanta to Meet Brooks Brothers suited catches
  • For the men, it seems unfair to even offer you any help, because there are over 80,000 more women who are singles looking for love in Atlanta (according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution), but the skin tight vegan yoga pants wearing single spiritualists (some recently divorced) might be a healthy start
  • If your taste run towards college (or professional) football players, then we’ll share with you the “all access pass” of where and how to connect with local athletes
  • Athlete’s are not your style, maybe you’re looking for more the nerdy, geeky, dad bod type – Atlanta is full of those too! (Dragon Con, SCA, or Barnes & Noble)
  • Still have not hit your hot spot yet, maybe a “foodie” is your cup of tea for hot, sexy, fun in the kitchen or courtyard
  • Looking for something even more exotic, how about the top 3 unexpected spots to meet an international business person or a leader?
  • Do exciting, creative, and restless entrepreneurs, speakers, and rock stars of the digital world make your spine tingle?
  • Maybe the open collar, bohemian professional aire catches your attention.  Atlanta is fill of professors, graduate students, and author singles looking for love too!
  • Nurses, Doctors, and medical professionals.  With Emory, Saint Joseph’s and dozens of other hospitals nationwide Atlanta is the perfect place to snare your white coated (or scrub wearing) professional
  • Attorney’s, judges, or  straight laced (at least on the surface) law students – again Atlanta is the a great “jury pool” for connecting.


Starting Tuesday we’ll explore the first of these “Top 10 Places to Meet Professional Singles Looking for Love in Atlanta”.


What Did We Miss?

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