1 0n 1 Matchmakers

Your Team, Your Coaches

Ever imagine that you could engage an expert dating consultant for your love life just like you would an executive coach, personal trainer? One on One Matchmaking is a team of seasoned, results-oriented professional dating consultants, led by Sarah Kathryn Walmsley, with a track record of setting up singles. We service successful single men and women all over the United States–interviewing and finding matches who are perfectly suited to their preferences and lifestyles.

Jennifer Barnes Miotke

Jennifer Barnes Miotke brings a true passion for bringing people together and has worked in the dating industry for over 11 years. What makes her unique as a matchmaker is that she used dating services, dated online and ultimately met her husband through a matchmaker. Jennifer leads a (mostly) low-key life with her husband, toddler… Read More >

Sarah Kathryn Walmsley

Sarah Kathryn Walmsley, a 17-year veteran of the dating industry, is one of the most respected names in matchmaking. Sarah Kathryn has been profiled as an authority on relationships and singles issues by The Wall Street Journal, The Oprah Winfrey Show, CNN, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, and many others. And, her expertise has led to more than 300 marriages and serious relationships. A stickler for excellence member service, Sarah Kathryn is personally involved with every One on One Matchmaking client.

Anna-Laura Lentz

Date Coordinator
Over the last 10 years, Anna-Laura has contributed to our overall success in various capacities and been a driving force in our ability to maintain the highest level of client satisfaction. Originally from Douglas, Georgia, Anna Laura earned a BA in History from the University of Georgia and remains a huge supporter. She enjoys throwing… Read More >

Emily Wingfield

Hostess & Researcher
Sarah Kathryn’s younger sister, Emily, has been working with Eight at Eight Dinner Club on and off since the very beginning in 1998. At that time, she was in college – and couldn’t understand why her industrious older sister purchased a struggling dating service. After all, meeting people on a campus with over 30,000 students was practically effortless. However, she spent the following summer on Nantucket – where she knew practically no one and her efforts to make friends fell flat. After enduring one too many nights eating alone, Emily heard herself think, “I’d pay anything to be introduced to nice people!”

Emily Soltan

Emily is originally from the Midwest, but now considers Atlanta her home. She has experience in event planning and winery operations. On a visit to Atlanta, she drove by our office and called to see if we had any job openings. Her tenacious, fun spirit made us instantly want to hire this dynamic team member!… Read More >