What do you need to hear in the New Year?

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Hi valuable clients and loyal readers!  I just want to share a few ideas that hit me during this time of year.  I too was single for MANY years (finally married at age 39) and this time of year brings back many moments of dread.


Another year single.  Oy vey!?  If I could do it all over, I wish I had told myself these things on one of those new years I was still single…..


-Bat In Your League:

I was looking for a big S-T-U-D.  Why?  Who wants a showboat, when all you really want and need is someone to love?  I was an average woman who was well past my prime in my late 30’s.  I should have looked in the mirror.  I didn’t settle, but I did compromise.  I married a man who lived 30 miles away and he was a single-parent.  Not the perfect man, but perfect for me!


-The Steep Cost of Doing Nothing:

So the first 4 weekends of the year you decide to sit at home and relax.  It is cold out (excuse).  I’m tired (excuse).  Internet dating apps suck (excuse).  I used all those excuses.  It just prolonged the time I was un-happily single (there were some VERY fun years too!) and I missed out on fantastic years being happily married!


-Are You Learning From Your Dating Experiences?

I didn’t learn for many years that dating wasn’t about getting a guy to like you, it was about PICKING the right guy.  I used dating for entertainment and fun.  All singles have a hang-ups.  Some are insecure, some are overly secure.  It is a good time to really evaluate what you’re doing wrong and commit to changing it!


So there you have it.  Take it from me – the new year is a great time to evaluate you and your standards.  And above all else – don’t stop dating!  The only ones who don’t find it are the ones that stop looking.


Best of luck in 2019!

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