New Matchmaking Intern
June 22, 2015

Happy summer everyone! My name is Nancy and I am the new intern for One on One Matchmaking. My first week working at One on One has been an absolute dream! As my first week of interning is coming to an end, I am so excited about all that I have learned about love, matchmaking, and the fun girls that I have the opportunity to work with!

Each day at One on One brings new excitement! As a college student, I love the high energy and optimism that everyone at One on One brings to work every single day. We have so much fun in the office finding the perfect matches for our clients and getting to know each other on a personal level.

As the oldest of five kids, I am used to being on a team. The same is true at One on One! Everyone at One on One works together in order to help our singles find love! Specifically, I have worked a lot with Helen, our date coordinator, and we have had so much fun planning our clients’ dates at the BEST restaurants in Atlanta. We love when our clients tell us how much fun they had on their dates (some even tell us that they have already made plans for future dates)!

Dating is such an exciting part of a relationship and that’s what makes our job so fun! I get so excited when I talk to someone who loved their date and is already excited about seeing that person again very soon.

Working in matchmaking has been extremely fulfilling because I have seen the absolute bliss that so many people experience when they find that special someone. Love is something so special that not everyone has the opportunity to experience, but we get to see it happen all the time!

Whether we are booking new dates or meeting with new clients, each day at One on One Matchmaking brings new excitement and the potential for a fairy tale ending!