5 BIG Online Dating Profile Mistakes to Avoid
October 16, 2016

5 BIG Online Dating Profile Mistakes to Avoid


Online Profile Dating Mistakes - Don't Do This...

Before you even log into Tinder, Bumble, Match, or eHarmony – STOP! and spend some time thinking for an evening or an afternoon to easily avoid these 5 big online dating profile mistakes .

Maybe go sit by the Chatahoochee with a yellow pad and a pen or pencil (or at least your iPad).

Online Dating Profile Mistake #1:

Most people (especially men) absolutely, positively refuse to think.

The typical male logs into a dating site.  He creates his username and password.  Then he types the fewest words he can possibly type in order for the site to accept his profile and then he congratulates himself, pounds his bare hairless chest vigorously and exclaims to himself – “OK, I am done!”

He might even upload a lame “selfie” from his phone or even an old photo from his Facebook profile or some other site.

He waits for women to beat the door down or trying to get into his inbox.  He checks for messages for the first few days.  After a few weeks with no response, then he get discouraged, deletes (or just never returns to his account again).

Stop with the lame selfies

“Online Dating Sucks”

“Online dating sucks” he decides (but it does not need to suck).

Relax, take a deep breath – If you truly want to attract a woman worth your time, then it is going to require you to invest some time, and yes thought into the process.

Online Dating Profile Mistake #2

“Your Photo Sucks”

There are several possible reasons your photo sucks…

No Selfies with Your ExYou carelessly upload a selfie of you and your ex (who you are probably not even over with emotionally yet).

Yep!  She sees your photo and perhaps the smile on your face as your ex hangs lovingly around your neck.

Would you want to go out with someone who still had their ex around their neck?

I don’t think so…

This can be disastrous for primary reasons:

  • Your ex might be a knock-out and the lady viewing your profile may think “I do not look anywhere near as sexy or pretty as she does – so there is no way he’d be interested in me.”
  • On the other hand, your ex may not be as attractive as the woman looking at your profile – so she might think “I’d never go out with someone who does not have enough pride, self-confidence, or belief in himself to choose a more attractive partner” (even if you are actually a gorgeous guy).
  • The person visiting your profile and seeing the smile on your ex (even if it is subconscious) will strongly sense the lingering affection you have for your ex, and not wanting to be your “next best thing” simply “swipes” left and dumps you into the reject file before you even have a chance to exchange and e-mail

Online Dating Profile Mistake #3

Failing to Get Really Clear

Woo-Woo Warning! – Again, when you refuse to take the time if takes to get really clear about who youGet Really Clear are, what your assets are, and what you have to offer a women, then you won’t even get to first base in the online dating game.

Get absolutely clear about who you are and get perfectly crystal image about who and what experiences and feelings you are seeking.

  • How do you want to feel with the person you are dating and the partner you are seeking attract
  • Do you want to be looked up to?
  • Do you want to be admired?
  • Do you want to be encourage?
  • Do you want to be challenged?
  • Or do you just want to feel loved?

What make you feel these ways?  What activities lead to these feelings?  Where do you feel these feeling most easily (at the beach, in the mountains, on the ski slopes?)

The clearer you are about what and who you are seeking and how you want to feel around them, then the better you will be able to recognize them when they find you.

Online Dating Profile Mistake #4

Jordan Gray Screenshot

According to relationship expert Jordan Gray every woman has seven wants:

  1. To Feel Loved
  2. To Feel Safe
  3. To Feel Seen
  4. To Be Allowed to Be Nurturing
  5. To Feel Sexually Desired
  6. To Feel Appreciated
  7. To Feel Like She Can Count on You

If you fail to address these desires in your profile, then you will more than likely fail to attract a good partner or a great friend.

More about this secret in a future article, bit for know just know and understand if you do not show that you care about her wants and needs – then she will not “swipe right.”

Online Dating Profile Mistake #5

Overselling Yourself

Everyone online is selling and hyping themselves and that makes her bullshit detector go off right away, so again, be different.

Bullshit Detector

Definitely share some of your good points, but never underestimate the power of what some people call a “damning self-admission.”

In short be human.  A “damning self-admission” is…

“a a non-deal-breaking admission of a weakness (positioned so that it comes across as a strength because of how you share or word it).

For example…

“I am really a hard worker, and have even been accused of being a bit of a  workaholic. However I must admit, the I only work so hard because I love to get out on yacht at every spare moment I can steal away form the office.”

Another example…

“People say I am all work and no fun – but my secret passion is preparing 5 Star gourmet meals for my lady and our friends.  Nobody would ever guess that when I change out of my Brooks Brothers suit I change into an apron and become a super hero in the kitchen.” 

Avoid these 5 Big Online mistakes and you are more likely to attract and hopefully keep the love of your life.


Sarah Kathryn