Top Singles Bars in Atlanta
August 7, 2017


By Emily Soltan

Tired of swiping left and right and living your dating life on your phone or computer? Do you want to get out and actually meet people in person and strike up a conversation at the bar? We’ve all been there. The reality is, it’s hard to get out there and meet people face to face nowadays. You can go weeks talking to someone online and never having it amount to an in-person meeting. If you want to get out there, grab a friend, order a cocktail at the bar, and go hit on some people! Here are some great Atlanta hotspots to check out:

Yebo Beach Haus. Yebo is a chic and airy South African restaurant located in a renovated house in Buckhead. This is a great place to land attractive singles. Most likely you’ll spot a hot blonde babe in her early to late 40’s. Sit at the bar, order Rosé or a Manhattan, and engage with the people next to you.

Ormsby’s. Located in West Midtown, this stylish speakeasy brings in a younger crowd. People in their 20s and 30s frequent the bar and bocce ball courts in the back. It gets busy Fridays around 8. Feel free to act a little ditzy and ask a cutie if they can teach you how to play darts or bocce.

Whiskey Blue. This indoor/outdoor Buckhead rooftop lounge at the W Hotel is super trendy and sophisticated. They have a killer craft cocktail menu and awesome city views. Since weeknights here are slower for singles, try hitting it up with a group of friends at 8 or 9 on a weekend night. The later you get there, the more likely the booths will already be reserved.

Chops Bar. While it attracts men and women late 30s and up, older wealthy men are always hanging around the bar at this old-school chophouse with a warm darkwood dining room. It’s likely you’ll catch them sporting Brooks Brothers suits, drinking the best bourbon, and enjoying a stellar steak. Since women know the type of men who hang out there, they’re likely going to show up in high heels, tight dresses, and blown-out hair.

Barcelona Wine Bar. With two locations, West Midtown and the busier Inman Park, you can enjoy tapas, or shareable plates, with a large wine selection. Instead of sitting at a table, choose the bustling bar to the left of the restaurant. Strike up a conversation by asking someone what wine they are drinking and if you should get it – or by offering a taste of one of your tantalizing tapas.

St. Regis Bar. If you want to experience a luxuriously relaxed environment in Buckhead, then this is the spot for you. The men and women you’ll find are – or are trying to become – wealthy. In their 30s and up, they come for a nice glass of wine or late-night cocktails. Aiming to pick someone up? You’d better look the part. Dress fancy, look hot, exude quiet confidence, and be open to someone approaching you – it’s practically on the menu…