Matchmaking during 2020
May 6, 2020

When the coronavirus first hit, we thought we’d lay low and wait it out. But, now that we’ve learned how adaptable singles can be and that – until there are “all-clear” and other viable solutions – you’re very open to “social-distance dating.”

We’re so excited – and more than a little proud – that we are adapting! Our phones are ringing, new clients are signing up, and we’ve been setting up dozens of blind dates using Zoom. While it’s not time to “pop the Corona (beer)” yet, 1 on 1 Matchmaking is setting up Zoom dates and letting our singles swap phone numbers.

Eight at Eight has been hosting weekly Zoom Happy Hours that have been surprisingly (or unsurprisingly?) a lot of fun! We’ve already covered topics such as Tiger King, Love Is Blind, and Introduce Your Pets. In June, we hope to host outdoor picnics in Buckhead, Brookhaven, and/or Midtown. It’ll still be “bring your own beverage, food, blanket, or chair” – and pent-up energy!

We’re also open to your ideas for our social-distance dating. As this is still a fluid situation, our memberships are frozen in place until regular business resumes. All of these distance-dating events are to keep you in the dating game – at no cost to you.

At times, this has been stressful mostly because Jennifer keeps asking, “What is the PLAN?” Truth be told, we aren’t quite sure, but – as always! – it will include singles meeting and greeting. Stay safe, stay positive, and please reach out if we can help. I mean it – because helping you is our mission!