You’re Too “Handsy!”
April 18, 2014

Are you too “handsy?” Sometimes friendly people get carried away with caressing and hugging people, before getting to know them. Don’t be that person! It will run off your date. We have three areas to avoid, until you get to know your date better.


The first date is probably not the best time to caress your date’s face, no matter how nice it looks. Even if they have something on their face, be cautious of touching it. A person’s face is a very intimate area and the hands of a stranger can be unsettling to someone who is not as touchy as you.


If you are getting all the right signals and you are towards the end of the date, it may be alright to hold and rub hands. If you just sat down at the dinner table, leave your date’s hands alone. We know you want to touch the attractive creature in front of you, but don’t do it right away!

Le Bum

Guys…and gals for that matter, do NOT grope your date’s rear end on the first date. Not even on the second date. Touching a sexual part of someone too early can make the person who was just hot and heavy for you turn cold. Keep them yearning for your touch, until the time is appropriate…i best diet pills to lose weight.e. not the first date.

Those are the three main areas you will want to avoid getting too “handsy” with for the first few dates or until your date has given you permission to touch them.

Until next time, good luck!