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If you are over online dating and want to actually get out there and meet people face to face there are definitely different things to try. There are no guarantees that you’ll actually meet someone since at these things there are surely people who are in relationships too, but it is a way to just get out there and try. The important part of dating is to NOT GIVE UP!


Try going to happy hours after work. Do you work in a big office building or do you work near one? Well figure out where the near watering hole is and take a buddy from work and grab a beer- maybe you’ll find someone to hit on or vice versa.

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Check out different type of social leagues in your area. This could mean a sporty league like kickball, running club, volleyball, or whiffle ball. Or you could do something more academic like a trivia league. If you’re not sporty, try a bocce league or corn hole league.

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Are you into giving back to the community? Try volunteering in various things that you’re interested in. Maybe it’s an animal shelter, church, and community in need, food bank, or cleaning up local parks.

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Meet up groups. Do you have certain interests and want to meet people with a similar mindset? Try joining the Meet Up App. This is a platform for you to click all of your interests and then see where people are all meeting up. There are hiking meet ups, game night meet ups, sci-fi meet ups, wine night meet ups, tech meetups, music meet ups, and more.  Just a heads up, not everyone at things will be single- but maybe they know someone!


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