Being a good – or great! – matchmaker isn’t as easy as it looks. Neither is picking the best dating service for you. If you are like most people, when looking for the right car, home, or vacation, you do your homework. The same is true for choosing the right matchmaker for you – more important because you do not want to be “looking for love in all the wrong places.”

It may be hard to believe, but there are few matchmaking industry standards! Anyone can call themselves a matchmaker – so let the buyer beware! As a member of the Matchmaking Institute and the Matchmakers Alliance, our prospective clients can be assured that One on One Matchmaking operates with a code of ethics to which most others do not adhere. Moreover, in addition to the training provided, clients can submit formal complaints, and matchmakers may even lose their certification.

Our founder, Sarah Kathryn Smith, has been in the matchmaking industry for 20 years. She has written a free report “Buyers Guide – Finding the Right Matchmaker – Cost”  You can download it for free HERE.

All too often, the singles we speak with share how disappointed they’ve been with other dating services. Sadly, in the matchmaking industry, that’s just par for the course. Over the course of our 20+ years in the business, we’ve learned a lot and suggest taking the following steps before making such an important decision:

The Website

Does the company’s website look like it’s from the last decade – or century for that matter?

Is it all flash or is it well-written, compelling, and full of real substance?

Does it introduce you to the people who would become your matchmaking team?

Does it describe their process and what you can expect after you sign up?

Overall Online Presence

Google the name of the company, the founder/president, and anyone else with whom you will be interacting. Look them up on LinkedIn.

Does their online presence impress you or depress you?

Have there been any articles written about the company or the individuals?

Matchmaking Reviews

While many online reviews are paid for by the company, and, therefore, not to be trusted, you can still read them as part of your overall research.

Do the matchmaker reviews sound sincere or fake?

Are they varied or do they all sound alike?

When you call the company to inquire about their services, ask them about the reviews – if they aren’t familiar with what they are, it’s a red flag.

One on One Matchmaking

One on One Matchmaking reviews all of our client profiles in advance of setting up any date. All singles are carefully interviewed in person, in our office, and we run a general background check. If you are single in Atlanta, we will know who you are!

1on1 Matchmaking Reviews

You didn’t think we’d let you go without sharing some 1on1 reviews, did you?

And, because this is about how to figure out which service is for you, we suggest reading some of our reviews.

Serena S.

Jennifer and the staff at One on One have been so helpful. They have set me up on several dates with very high quality men and provided tips on the dating process. I’m confident that they will help me find my happy ending!

Kyle J.

The women who make up One on One Matchmaking are always helpful, and understand how the dating world works! Helen, Jennifer, and Sarah Kathryn are all smart, honest, and have a lot of connections in the city. They are prompt when scheduling dates, and the company’s software is great for scheduling and leaving feedback. They are a local company that knows Atlanta’s restaurants very well, so they know how to pick the right date spots

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