Why Blind Dating is Not As Scary As You Think

December 11, 2021

Is blind dating a thing of the past? Take a deeper look on why blind dating is not as scary as you think!

“What do you mean, I don’t see a picture before?”

In this day and age, singles are constantly swiping and shuffling through profiles. It’s exhausting.

It is easy to look through profiles daily, and struggle to figure out who to reach out to, and who to meet. Whether we admit it or not, often times we just pick the best looking of the options. Is this really benefitting you? Are you really going to meet the best person for you, if your ultimate decision is based on a picture?

One of the biggest advantages of meeting through a matchmaker at One on One Matchmaking is that the date is truly blind. We are doing the vetting for you! We know what you are attracted to, physically, professionally, and values-wise. We will take care of you! With more than 20 years of experience in this industry, One on One Matchmaking has been responsible for hundreds of successful marriages.

It is scary at first, we know! With today’s technology, everyone’s pictures and extensive information is generally available at your fingertips. When you meet people through us, we know them! We’ve spent time with them. We aren’t just matching profiles or pictures, we are matching real people that we know with you, who we also know! If you are looking for a more relaxed, group setting to meet new friends or a potential new date, the Eight at Eight Dinner Club might be a better fit for you.