Clever and Unique 2nd Date Ideas in Atlanta

August 19, 2017

By Jennifer Miotke

Pay attention, men, this is your time to shine – so please don’t screw it up! Because, when we women get married, we talk about what we did on our first few dates – a lot! And few things make a woman swoon more than a man with a plan – so get to it!

My best dates took me to Fat Matt’s Rib Shack. It was a fun dive bar – I felt comfortable, relaxed, and casual – and I loved that they were cool enough to find a place off the beaten path. Other great dates were hikes, picnics, and a horseback riding-and-winery combo. (And in that order because, let’s face it, if we went to the winery first, we’d never have been able to get – or stay – on the horse! An awesome plan; a very fun day.

So, if you’re really into a woman, do something that raises her heart rate. After all, a when a man helps a woman when she’s scared or nervous, it creates real chemistry and a bond. Consider skating, whitewater rafting, carnivals, ghost tours, go-kart racing, and adventure mystery dinners.

But, if you think she’s more of a “girly-girl” on your hands, how about a wine tasting, food festival, art show, or museum?

The ideal date has three parts: food, event, and an “ender.” (But they don’t have to be in that order.) Pick a cool eatery; an event that shows you know what’s going on in the city; and an ender – something small but unique. It could be the city’s best ice cream, café, or a one-of-a-kind convenience store. (You could always pick a convenience store that has great ice cream and/or coffee.)

Sample Date 1: Go-kart racing, handmade Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, and burgers at Holeman and Finch (you need to be there by 5pm, because only 24 served a day). What’s the theme? Fun, good times, and you’re the Mayor!

Sample Date 2: Whitewater rafting – with a theme of outdoor adventure! First, you can hike to a beautiful waterfall for a picnic lunch; whitewater rafting; and then wine and cheese at a local restaurant.

Sample Date 3: For an “interesting and mysterious” theme, try a Ghost Tour! Get the adrenaline going with coffee at a bookstore and surprise her with a book on local ghosts. Then on to Flip Burger, where you’ll ask the bartender for a crazy dry-ice concoction that smokes to bring it down a notch. And, why not end with a melodramatic reading of one of the stories?

Sample Date 4: Rent bikes at the Old Fourth Ward; followed by drinks at Ladybird or anywhere fun on the Beltline; and live music at Park Tavern. The theme? That you are so Atlanta, so “in town,” so with it, man. So, with it with her, that is.

Sample Date 5: OTP Dating. Biking or running on the Big Creek Greenway for biking or running; Hop Alley Brew Pub or Campania for dinner; and Sage for live patio music.

Sample Date 6: Exercise Dating. Silver Comet Trail; dinner at Marlow’s or Meehan’s; and music at Old Vinings Inn.

If you like your date enough to envision more than one date at a time, work together on creating a bucket list of fun things you can look forward to. Ask her to pick some possible themes and, pulling ideas off your bucket list, you can plan upcoming dates as a team.