Cost…What do you charge?

If you’re considering hiring a matchmaker – and would you really be here if you weren’t? – it’s a sure bet you’re also wondering what the cost of a matchmaker will be.

One on One Matchmaking and other reputable matchmakers don’t publish fees online; one is that the pricing from one company to another varies; and, within a company, ranges based on a number of factors. Some fee structures vary for good reasons and some vary due to a lack of professionalism and ethics.

One on One Matchmaking fees range from $3,000 to $10,000. Before we can figure out what your investment will be, we must truly understand your goals and which of our services can help you achieve them. To do that, we have to speak with you on the phone and/or meet you in person.

Many national franchise matchmakers and/or dating companies claim to offer a boutique service, but, often, they do not have the database of singles to support – or earn – their enormous fees, which can range from $20,000-$50,000.  Buyer Beware.

What does a matchmaker cost: evaluating the cost of a matchmaker or dating service:

  1. Evaluate whether they are run by someone who actually cares about their clients or if their main goal is to make money. (Get some tips on how to do this on our Reviews page.)
  1. Determine if they are a local citizen of your city and state because locals are more likely to have a strong database.
  1. Find out if it’s a real business or just a hobby. The industry is easy to enter, but hard to stay in.

One on One Matchmaking has been locally owned for over 20 years. We all live and breathe dating in Atlanta! If you want an honest evaluation of your dating life, contact us at 404-888-1118 or at

Once we’ve gotten to know you, we’ll be happy to provide a customized answer to “How much is a dating service?”

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