Dating Tips for Atlanta Winters

December 19, 2017

We may not be in the North Pole, but winter in Atlanta can still get pretty chilly and gloomy! In case you don’t have anyone to cozy up with in the romantic glow of an actual fireplace, we’ve got some tips on how to keep your dating life active while “wintering in Atlanta.”

First, let’s talk about how to stay sane during the holiday season. Are you dreading what to say when your dear Aunt Susan or drunk Uncle Joe asks, “Got anyone special in your life?” Well, don’t stay home and have a pity party! Find someone to go with you – maybe at one of the best dinner clubs in town? (Hint, hint, nudge, nudge: is great!)

Ladies first: Just because it’s cold outside, it’s no excuse for wearing a turtleneck on a date. You still need to look your best and (tastefully) show off your “assets.” If your bosom is bodacious, show some cleavage by pairing a low-cut top or dress with a chic leather or suede jacket. If, like in that ZZ Top song, you’ve “got legs” and want to show that you “know how to use them,” wear tight leather leggings or a dress with sexy over-the-knee boots. Just remember that big sweaters, floppy winter dresses, and loose-fitting shirts are not the way to a man’s “heart.”

Gentlemen: Finding a winter style that works for you isn’t exactly rocket science. Similar to how you pair a button-down shirt with chinos and nice shoes in warmer weather, pair dark pants and nice boots (like Clarks) with a button-down shirt. A nice overcoat can be very sexy, but the jury’s still out on whether a scarf works on men. If you like wearing one, do it – just get help picking a nice one out and leave the Georgia Bulldogs and Atlanta Falcons scarfs at home! (Unless you’ve got outdoor seats at a live game.)

When it comes to planning a fun winter date in Atlanta, except during bitter-cold spells, inside and/or outside activities can both work. Outside spots may be best for a daytime date; indoor options best for an evening one. You may want to try the Botanical Garden’s Lights exhibit. If it’s a third date, consider more romantic choices like ice skating at Centennial Olympic Park or Park Tavern – but not before that.

If you both like sports, float the idea of driving to Duluth to watch an exciting Gladiators’ hockey game. Snow on the ground or in the forecast? Dining at both the Sun Dial and Polaris offers gorgeous views. Finally, if it’s a 60-degree day, taste-test what a local brewery’s got on tap. In fact, you and your date may even be able to cozy up in the romantic glow of fire (pits!) at Midnight Brewing’s new Westside location.

Got other ideas for how to warm up your dates while “wintering in Atlanta”? Share them with us in the comments!