How to Dress on a Second Date

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Congratulations! Your first date went well (which is not always the case). Maybe you both even felt a little – or a lot – of fireworks going off. What now? Getting ready for a second date can be nerve-wracking.

Time to test whether or not your chemistry has potential. In addition to your confidence, conversation, and energy level, how you look is still very important. Since mutual attraction plays a major part in any long-lasting connection, we’re sharing how men and women should dress for a second date at a restaurant.

First and foremost, both men and women need to decide how dressy or casual to be. Going to a restaurant for dinner or drinks? Type the place you’re going to into an online search engine, and see how many dollar signs in its ranking.

If it is ranked a $, this means it is very casual. Think pizza place, sports bar, café, or just an order-at-the-counter joint. Hopefully, it’ll be nicer than a $ restaurant unless there’s a good reason like it’s a lot of fun. In warmer months, women can wear jeans/shorts and a tank or cute shirt, sandals, and in case of major air-conditioning, a sweater. When it’s cooler, pair a cute sweater and boots with your jeans. Men, in warmer months, wear jeans/shorts, a short-sleeved collared shirt, and loafers, like docksiders. If colder outside, make it a long-sleeved collared shirt, and nicer leather winter shoes. Everyone, please refrain from flip-flops at all times while on any and all dates – except for water-related dates.

Most restaurants are ranked $$, so it’s advisable to put some thought into what to wear. These restaurants are where an entrée averages about $19.00. Think trendy Italian, hip tapas joints, or contemporary American eateries. On warm days, women can wear a semi-fitted, perhaps flowing dress – try a powerful color like spicy red. Pair it with thicker-heeled shoes, if that makes sense, or cute open-toed sandals. For the colder months, wear warmer colors, including black. Flattering dark jeans or faux-leather leggings with a nice blouse, topped with a stylish leather or suede jacket and booties or heeled riding boots. Ladies, it’s time to flaunt one asset of your body, like your chest, shoulders, or legs.

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Men, wear business casual, pairing chinos or nice dark jeans with a nice button-down shirt and some sleek brown leather shoes and belt. Chukka boots work for summer and cooler months!

If the establishment boasts a $$$ or $$$$ ranking – think steakhouses – it’s time to wear your fancier options. Women, that means wearing a really nice fitted dress, simple chic high heels, and jewelry; and, while you should be well groomed for every date, have your hair, nails, and makeup done perfectly. Walk out of your house like you’re going to a top-shelf cocktail party or your birthday dinner. Men, look like you’re going to a business dinner by pairing dress pants, button-down shirt, and jacket – the tie is optional.

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As always, wearing a genuine smile will complement your outfit in spectacular fashion. Last piece of advice (for this article, that is): Since attraction can cloud your thinking a little, to facilitate what you’ll talk about, spend some time in advance of the second date recalling what you’ve discussed in person, on the phone, and online..

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