Great Ways to Meet Professional Men in Atlanta

November 2, 2017

If you’re a wonderful woman looking for places to mingle with marvelous men, then this article is for you. To make it easier on you, we’re going to break it down by age groups.

20s & 30s.

Professional men – consultants, financial advisors, recruiters, and more – tend to hang out in bars and restaurants in the Buckhead and Highlands areas. It’s a good idea to go on weekdays after work – including during happy hours where there are drink specials and free food! We recommend Gypsy Kitchen, Southern Gentleman, Whitehall Tavern, The Regent Cocktail Club, JCT Kitchen (upstairs), Ormsby, Ladybird, Kaleidoscope, and breweries across town.

If you’re into one of the guys at the bar, get their attention by smiling and maintaining good (but not crazy) eye contact. Hopefully, he won’t be too shy to approach you – after all, he is a millennial. Not a big drinker? Try volunteering for the Shepard Center’s Junior Committee. There’s a membership fee, but they plan fun happy hours and outings all around Atlanta. A lot of young professionals also play in kickball leagues. Check out Atlanta Sport and Social Club for details about their coed leagues.

30s & 40s.

Interested in attracting men who may be successful attorneys, real estate investors, or entrepreneurs? Try hanging out at Establishment in Midtown, American Cut, JCT Kitchen (upstairs), the bar at Marcel, Tavern at Phipps (after work hours), and The Local. Don’t go too early because these places don’t start happening until 8 All of these bars/restaurant’s will likely to be happening around 8 PM on a Friday night. If you happen to find yourself at an Atlanta United Game or Braves game head over to the cool bars in SunTrust Park or the Mercedes Benz Stadium. The men might be a little occupied due to sports, but one might catch your eye. Another idea would be attending events at a brewery on a Saturday afternoon or a chic restaurant event. King+Duke frequently has special events they put on throughout the year. If you’re into Hookah Bars, try Divan. Multiple Range Rovers and Mercedes fill the parking lot on weekend nights.

The 40-50 year old men that could be Physicians, CFO’s, or Commercial Real Estate Brokers are normally hanging out swankier spots in town. Think Houston’s, Pricci, Chop’s Lobster Bar, Atlas, St. Regis Bar, and Haven in Brookhaven. This age group is a little harder to get out there and meet people. Normally you women have better things to do than mosey on up to a bar and hope someone hits on you. That makes sense!

If you’re in your 50’s- 60’s or later and want to meet the retired professional men who love vacationing on their yachts and at their beach/mountain homes- you need to head to Hal’s Steakhouse, Chops, or Kaiser Steakhouse. Definitely don’t look frumpy though, these men could land a hottie due to the amount of money they have. Most of them do want a companion around their age who are at similar places in their lives, though. So dress up, get your hair blown out and makeup done, and buy a martini at the bar.