Greg and Emmy

The start of their love story began in the Fall of 2023…

It all began on September 21st, 2023 when Greg and Emmy met at a singles cocktail party hosted by One on One Matchmaking & Eight at Eight Dinner Club. Their paths crossed that faithful evening at the Aveline in Midtown Atlanta.

They were drawn to each other naturally and were captivated in conversation with one another. Their conversation flowed effortlessly, driven by shared interests and mutual chemistry. They laughed, they shared stories, and with each passing minute, they got to know each other. In a room with over a hundred people in attendance, Greg and Emmy were fated to meet one another.

From a room full of crowded people to their new beginning…

Fast forward to February 14th, 2024, and Greg and Emmy’s story reached a beautiful milestone – celebrating their love with each other on Valentine’s Day. After traveling the world together, they fell deeply in love.

The team at One on One Matchmaking are so grateful to be a part of their journey. We are wishing them a bright, romantic future ahead!

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