Hal and Rosa

The start of a match made in heaven…

Hal and Rosa’s lives took an unexpected turn when they went on their first blind date at the esteemed restaurant, Atlas. They found their happiness through shared values, a genuine connection, and the guiding hands of the matchmakers from One on One Matchmaking.

As time progressed, so did their relationship…

Their shared values and life goals began to intertwine with a connection that grew stronger with every passing day. After a year filled with so much laughter and new memories, they found themselves exchanging vows of love and commitment, sealing their union in a match that felt truly heaven-sent.

With the guidance from their matchmakers, Hal and Rosa discovered a love that surpassed their wildest dreams. So, whether you’re cautiously dipping your toes into the dating world or seeking a second chance at love, remember to stay open, be yourself, and trust that destiny has a way of bringing extraordinary people into your life, just like it did for Hal and Rosa.

In the heartfelt words of Hal himself…

“It’s been a bit over 6 years since I met Rosa through One on One… and it has been the best 6 years of my life. I had no idea what to expect, but I was open. After several interviews with Sarah, Jennifer, and the team, I knew that they were listening to my past experiences and they knew I wanted to marry again. We were engaged after the first year and married the next and I can honestly say it was a match made in heaven. Rosa and I had both been divorced before so we wanted to make sure this was the real deal.  

Dating is not easy after you have been in a few relationships but if you are open and honest with yourself, your matchmaker, and with a future partner, it does make it a bit easier. Transparency is so important and both Rosa and I are totally indebted to the team at One on One!”

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