Where to Meet Single Men in Atlanta

August 11, 2017

By Anna Lentz

To be honest, the odds are not “forever in your favor.” In fact, in Atlanta, there are 80,000 more single women than men. With odds like these, you seriously have to step up your game. In order to navigate this dating scene, I feel like you have to know who you are and what your goals are and will be. So, let’s do this, ladies.

Do the words “Outside the Perimeter” shock you more than a cold glass of water? Your best guys will probably be found in the comforts of local restaurants/bars of Virginia Avenue, Crescent Street, and Howell Mill – or tucked away in an urban development like Ponce City Market or off of Krog Street. Check out places like The Family Dog, TAP, Beetlecat, or Ladybird. To approach these guys, you must do your homework first – these guys are very turned on by a new version of a Moscow Mule, craft beer, or farm-to-table venture within a block of their home. Read up on these turn-ons and gather your cutest girlfriends – these places will be packed every night of the week with trendy jeans, plaid shirts, and loafers.

Now, if all of those words had you envisioning your marriage before 30 and having babies in a four-bedroom home off of a cul de sac, trust me – it ain’t happening. Step up your game and try places in downtown Woodstock, Brookhaven, or the Avalon. I’ve heard awesome prospects can also be found at Truck and Tap, Beergrowler, or Barleygarden. Check these places out with a group of girlfriends or trying to make yourself more approachable by just bringing your confidence with you instead.

If none of these is your speed, maybe you’re overthinking it. I often lead my single girlfriends to Decatur and the several low-key bars around the Square. That’s where you can find guys trying to avoid the Buckhead Bettys. To hang out and attract the men in these bars, you may want to pair your sundress up with some sweet trendy sandals and study up on underground musicians. To find the most single men, check out the bar at Iberian Pig, Leon’s Full Service, or Brickstore Pub.

However, if location is one of your least concerns, but you want to find someone active, maybe joining the newest trend – trying a new sport – will be your best bet. Atlantans do love to combine everything they do with a cocktail and guys always have their eyes open at these places. TopGolf, The Painted Pin, and even Ormsby’s all have opened their doors to give you something to do while you drink. Other options are running groups (check out Phiddipides), kickball leagues (Atlanta Sport and Social), or Team Trivia. (Why, yes, when it comes to dating, keeping your brain active can be considered a sport!)

If the most action you can imagine getting into on a Saturday is drinking, you may become a fan favorite! Try Orpheus or Monday Night Brewery. Dress accordingly and have fun. Guys love fun.

In the South, religion and sports reign supreme – and are great options for meeting singles. Churches all over Atlanta like to get singles involved. Check out Buckhead Church or Christ the King for social events. Keep in mind that, just as you would when going to a fun non-denominational event on a Saturday in the Fall, always do your research. For example, Auburn fans will not be welcome at Smith’s Old Bar on a game day; same with Michigan fans at Buckhead Saloon.

While many of the above suggestions will work for most of you, money is sometimes worth more than anything else in Atlanta. If you’re looking for a man who can whisk you away on his yacht or to his suite at a Falcons’ game, there are certainly places to see and be seen, including the St. Regis bar or Hal’s in Buckhead.

One thing is for sure: You cannot give up. There are plenty of ways to find a suitable mate. My favorite quote is “Destiny is for losers. It is a stupid excuse to wait for things to happen instead of making them happen.” So, get out there, meet men, and make your dating life a happenin’ one!