Dating in Marietta

Discover the charm of Marietta: Home of the Braves, Marietta Square, Marietta Diner, the original KFC, Six Flags, and Kennesaw Mountain. We love your town and we love your people! We get it, you are single and not ready to buy a house in the city or can’t just yet, or you are single and raised your kids there and now love the area.

We have had a lot of clients like you, and Jennifer Miotke who has worked as a matchmaker for us for 20 years loves raising her kids in Marietta. We know you love Marietta but come into the city for dates often.

We get your vibe. High end, but still casual. That’s how you like your partners and that’s how you like your dates. We have lots of great date ideas for you. Let our local matchmakers hand select your date, customize where it is at, and give you feedback as you date.

We can give you the high-end service you are looking for with a local, customized feel where your matchmakers know you and talk to you often.

Why Are We Different?

  • We arrange the dates for you with fun date places in Marietta and all over the city.
  • We give you feedback as you date.
  • We see you several times throughout the process either at a casual meeting in the office or an in-person date.

Our mailing address is 3180 North Point Pkwy bldg 500 suite 520, Alpharetta, GA 30005 or you can call us today at 404-888-1118!