Top 15 Places to Meet Singles in Atlanta – By 1 on 1 Matchmaking

January 14, 2022

Let’s face it- “new” is relative in COVID years. We comprised a list of new restaurants “on the scene” in Buckhead that have gotten great feedback for date night spots! As Matchmakers, here at One on One Matchmaking, we really recommend finding restaurants that have good ambiance, good food, and good energy. We believe that picking the right spot can actually lead to building the right chemistry on a date. Here are our top 5 new restaurants in Buckhead for Dates!

Le Bon Nosh

Opened in the heart of Buckhead in late 2021, Le Bon Nosh is a fun and hip spot with good vibes.  It’s an all day café, market, wine bar and restaurant with French flair. We suggest this location for a lunch date as well as dinner date!


The Chastain

Located in Chastain Park, the old Horseradish Grill, just opened in 2021. It has a warm, modern, welcoming ambience and delicious food. What’s better for a date night? Definitely get reservations ahead of time for this spot – bookings fill up!


Storico Vino

Located in the Shops of Buckhead. One of our personal favorite recommendations for a sultry drinks date (is that even a thing?) is Storico Vino. For example, they have warm lighting, music, and even a good patio. An Italian Wine Bar with delicious cheese and meat boards and of course, drinks galore. The earlier you get there, the less loud and more romantic.


The Betty

Located in Buckhead. This restaurant is dark lit, mid-century modern vibes, with a modern flair. Above all, why we like this spot so much is because they have TWO other fun spots that are located in this newly re-vamped hotel – The Willow Bar & a rooftop The St. Julep.



Located in Inman Park now, but coming to Buckhead soon! This Middle Eastern restaurant is known for it’s delicious food, terrace, and ambiance. We’ve noticed this spot being a big hit with the late 20’s to early 40’s crowd. However, that could be due to it’s location. Maybe when they open in Buckhead- right by our office – it will change!

Since Delbar isn’t CURRENTLY in Buckhead- we will add some honorable mentions below.