3 Surefire Ways to Turnoff a Woman

April 15, 2020

3 Surefire Ways to Turnoff a Woman

Are you new to dating and curious about how you are turning women off? Here is an outline of major dating no-no’s. They might seem obvious, but read the details:

Sweating coincides with being overweight. If you’re a dead ringer for pre-Subway Jared, you have got to get some help! Being overweight means you’re out of shape or lazy. There is nothing – I mean NOTHING – that is grosser than sitting across from a guy who can’t put a dam on his waterfall. Pit stains just don’t compare to the tributaries of sweat forming over your face from a brisk walk to the restroom. I see it all the time and it has to stop! Do you really think any woman wants to see you naked?! (Deep breath)

There is good news: You can control this. The body loses its ability to regulate itself when it doesn’t get enough exercise, so get your feet treading on something. Take walks, swim, hike, skate, rumba, etc. There are ten million fun ways to get back into shape, and a  dab of deodorant never hurts either.

How many times have you heard “He had such a nice smile” when a woman talks about why she first fell in love? Your smile might be okay but why not make it perfect? As a matchmaker, I wish that I could recommend Invisalign to all my clients. Maybe your teeth are “sort of straight,” but you want your front line soldiers to be the best that they can be! Try Invisalign or seeing a dentist to get advice.

Dental imperfections may work in favor of some people – gap-toothed David Letterman, gnarly-mouthed Steve Buscemi, and fang-toothed Christian Bale – but if you aren’t a household name, get rolling with the whitening and straightening. You might think they’re “not all that bad”, but trust me: They are!

Repeat after me: If an article of clothing is over 7 years old, throw it out.  Working with a stylist is not expensive.  Nordstrom has personal shoppers who do not work on commission. They will help you assemble a reinvigorated wardrobe. Check out the details here. 

Trust me – it really makes their day to turn an Ugly Duckling into the Swan Prince. Plan on investing in a first date outfit (including shoes, a watch, and a belt) and wear it religiously. Even if you’re dating 7 nights a week, no one will notice the outfit recycling but you! You will be so amazed at the compliments you receive just by cleaning up your fashion act.

I am on the front lines talking to hundreds of singles every week. I’m merely a messenger (don’t shoot me!), but to optimize your chances of finding the best person out there please take these into consideration. Give us a call today!