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3 Important Reasons You Should KEEP Dating During The Holiday Season

Posted on: December 09, 2019 in

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Are you single and you are realizing the holidays are fast approaching? I have good news for you- there are lots of other singles in the same situation! I’ve outlined 3 important reasons you should KEEP dating during the holiday season! Everyone is in a Good Mood!The holidays are filled with excitement and beauty. Lights,… Read More >

Online Dating is Free But How Much Is It Costing You?

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162  0DF8280 Edit - Online Dating is Free But How Much Is It Costing You? The dating arena is something else these days. If you are not dating through mutual friends or meeting people out and about, odds are you have looked in dating apps. These days, there are endless options of dating apps, some specific to certain demographics, religions, or interests.   Many of these apps are free to… Read More >

First Date Dealbreakers

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Picture 1 1 - First Date Dealbreakers First dates. They can be amazing, and they can awful. Sometimes in between. How can you avoid being the awful or even in between date?   How your date treats the wait staff is always very telling of their character. If they are interested in their lives, or just kind to them when they come… Read More >

What do you need to hear in the New Year?

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shutterstock 355994612 - What do you need to hear in the New Year? Hi valuable clients and loyal readers!  I just want to share a few ideas that hit me during this time of year.  I too was single for MANY years (finally married at age 39) and this time of year brings back many moments of dread.   Another year single.  Oy vey!?  If I could do… Read More >

Does blind dating scare you?

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shutterstock 226519537 - Does blind dating scare you? Is blind dating a thing of the past? “What do you mean, I don’t see a picture before?” In this day and age, singles are constantly swiping and shuffling through profiles. It’s exhausting. It is easy to look through profiles daily, and struggle to figure out who to reach out to, and who to meet…. Read More >

Best Dating Sites 2018

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shutterstock 259020926 - Best Dating Sites 2018 The online dating scene is constantly changing. New sites are coming to the App store everyday. It’s just a matter of finding out the ones that work for you. You might hear from friends that a certain app or site is better than the other, but you need to remember that everyone is different and… Read More >

The 5 Love Languages

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shutterstock 510773548 - The 5 Love Languages Have you heard of the Love Languages? Do you know what yours is? “The 5 Love Languages,” is a book by Gary Chapman, that describes how we give and receive love best. To our family and friends, and of course, our significant others or spouses. In some cases, our love language can be similar for… Read More >

Best Place to Meet Singles

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ladybird by andrew thomas lee 0 - Best Place to Meet Singles If you are over online dating and want to actually get out there and meet people face to face there are definitely different things to try. There are no guarantees that you’ll actually meet someone since at these things there are surely people who are in relationships too, but it is a way to just… Read More >

Making Your First Date Count

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shutterstock 196145264 - Making Your First Date Count Ah, the first date. So much has been written about what to do, what not to do…so here are a few tips: Start by thinking back to your last three first dates, which are much more common now that online dating is usually part of the equation: How many of those people did you like?… Read More >

“Exclusive” vs. “Sex-clusive” Dating

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shutterstock 515518543 - “Exclusive” vs. “Sex-clusive” Dating Let’s dive right in without any word-foreplay, shall we? That’s because, when it comes to dating, there is a huge difference between being “sex-clusive” and being “exclusive.” Being exclusive is when you’ve decided to only date one another – whether or not you’re having sex yet. You can still look at others, but don’t touch…. Read More >