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15 questions to ask if you really want to get to know someone…

Starting a new relationship and want to dig down deep and really get to know someone? We have just the idea for you. Plan a date night in. Cook dinner together, open a bottle of wine, and then move to the couch. It’s time for a game. What are 2 words you’d use to describe… Read More >
Let’s pretend…You are getting ready for your date- thinking about how the night is going to go- are you going to have fun or is it going to be a bust? You don’t know. But you leave your house to meet up with a “stranger.” Maybe a blind date, an online match. This can go… Read More >

Congratulations Jennifer on your new baby BOY!

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jennifer baby shower Congratulations Jennifer, David, and Madeleine Miotke!  Baby Henry is perfect in every way.  

Matchmaker Jennifer is on Maternity Leave!

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Hi Clients! Me and my husband are so excited to have my baby May 22nd. It’s a boy!!! I have a 6 year old daughter, who was born May 29th and she is over the moon excited about having a baby brother. I am 44 years old and the baby was unplanned, so for me,… Read More >

What Month is it??? (aka the May 2020 Newsletter)

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  When the coronavirus first hit, we thought we’d lay low and wait it out. But, now that we’ve learned how adaptable singles can be and that – until there are “all-clear” and other viable solutions – you’re very open to “social-distance dating.”   We’re so excited – and more than a little proud –… Read More >

3 Surefire Ways to Turnoff a Woman

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Three Surefire Ways to Turnoff a Woman

3 Ways to Make Yourself Irresistible to Men

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3 Ways to Make Yourself Irresistible to Men   

5 Reasons the Coronavirus May Be GOOD for Your Love Life

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We are in uncharted waters with the Coronavirus pandemic. Safety first…but it doesn’t mean that your dating life needs to take a total back seat. Here are 5 reasons why NOW is actually a perfect time to put your love life on the top of your to do list. 1. You can take a break… Read More >

Great & Clever Third-Date Ideas

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If you’ve found someone you enjoy spending time with enough to plan (and show up for!) a third date, then may we offer you our congratulations. (Along with a warning not to mess this one up!) (And some great and/or clever ideas for how to mix it up a little.) Third dates are (or at… Read More >

How to Get Better at Dating

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Are you striking out in the dating world? Getting a little burnt out and wondering why no one is sparking your interest? Or wondering why first dates aren’t leading to second dates? Trust me, you’re not alone! Who knows why, but a lot of people are struggling right now. Maybe it’s because we are spending… Read More >