Dating Is Like Hunting – Hunting for a DEER or a DEAR?

October 4, 2022

huntingfortheultimateloveOne on One Matchmaking specializes in pairing clients up with their ideal match. If you aren’t  yet working with a matchmaking or conducting your own “research” pull up a chair. Dating is like Hunting.

Recently, after my first hunting trip, I was struck by the similarities – and the differences between bagging a deer and bagging a dear. To my surprise, i found that both are as equally exciting to watch!

They both require preparation, planning, and proper clothing. Deer hunting has specific seasons, permitting, and you have to get up really early. But it’s always open Season on dear hunting whether you’re at a bar, a supermarket, or a networking event. Prime-time Is when you’re looking and feeling your best. So keep one eye open at all times.

When preparing for deer hunting, you have to bathe in no-scent soap, skip deodorant, and wear less-than-gorgeous boots and camouflage clothes – and a lovely bright orange shirt – washed in scent-free detergent. When preparing for dear hunting, you’ll need makeup (in moderation), light perfume (please don’t overdo it), sexy high heels, and clothes that flatter your body type.

For weapons, some deer hunters use a bow and arrow, others use a rifle. But, to capture a dear, your best weapons are a genuine smile, a hint of cleavage, and a sparkle in your eye. 

Hunters aren’t all that picky. If it’s an adult deer, it’s game – whether the deer likes it or not. Dear hunters generally need to be a little more selective. Your targets need to be available, interested in a relationship, and have whatever other qualities are of particular importance to you. That means actually having a – gasp! – few conversations before saying, “I think I’m in love.”


A deer hunter considers the outing a success if they nail a trophy buck and take it home with them but if you want to get – and keep a real dear “same day service” is definitely not recommended. This whole analogy is just for fun – but we’re serious about your safety. Don’t go home – or even get in a car – with anyone you don’t know well.

As for me, I’m a natural born hunter and have been perfecting my skills since middle school. Early on, I began sharing my talent for blending animal magnetism with terrific timing. Watching relationships I helped create blossom into love and marriage is more than just heartwarming – it’s also quite entertaining and a whole lot of fun!


A seasoned matchmaker and businesswoman, Sarah Kathryn Walmsley is the President of Atlanta-based Eight at Eight Dinner Club and One on One Matchmaking.  Her expertise has led to hundreds of marriages and thousands of serious relationships.  Sarah Kathryn Walmsley is passionate about helping her clients achieve their goals by being THE expert on Matchmaking in Atlanta.