Dating Older Is Surprisingly Better Than You Think

February 28, 2018

Since it’s more common for women to date older men that men to date older women, this article is geared in that direction. It’s not like it never happens the other way, but it’s rare. If you’re a woman who dates older men – or is considering it – think of it in terms of what age range you’re comfortable with. Is it five, 10, 15, or even 20 years older – or all of the above?


It’s likely an older man’s confidence level and emotional intelligence are going to be higher than those closer in age. They should be more in touch with what they want and how to go about getting it. Translation: they probably won’t make you jump through hoops or play games. Plus, they might actually call you at night versus texting. (Note our use of “likely,” “should be,” and “probably.” Not every older man is more mature than their younger competition – so pay attention and judge for yourself!)

With more experience “going a-courting,” they may be more assertive and rarely if ever get jealous for no good reason.

Older men understand how special it is to spend time with a vibrant woman and are more likely put you on a pedestal. (Good news if you like that; bad news if you don’t.) (Well, not “bad” exactly – just be prepared to address it.)


When it comes to financial stability, older men usually have more of it than younger ones. Older men have usually learned to spend, save, and invest wisely. Younger men, on the other hand, may still be chasing new gadgets and just starting to save and invest.


Older men can probably provide good advice, change your air filters, and help you with your taxes. (And know whether they are good at fixing things around your place – or better at calling in an expert or three.)

Consider these possible negative aspects of dating older men, which – like what’s been mentioned above – may or may not apply to the older men you meet. Look at each man’s lifestyle, personality, and history. Will it be awkward to introduce him to your parents? Does he have children with schedules to work around? Is he more set in his ways and unwilling to budge on certain things? Does his energy level mesh with yours? Motivation to do spontaneous things? Finally, depending on how much older he is than you, will you need to worry about his health and how long your relationship can last due to that? Are you willing to care for him if he gets seriously ill? It’s a lot to consider.

You know that phrase that “age is just a number”? Well, when it comes to dating, age is much more than just a number. What really matters is who you both are, what you both value, and whether or not your goals and energy levels mesh.

One quick way to measure energy compatibility is to ask: Do you prefer being a competitive athlete while he prefers watching athletes compete?!