Lessons I Learned While Dating – 3 Important Strategies!

January 13, 2023
Hey I’m Sarah Kathryn! Hows it going? I want to check in with you like I (try) to do monthly. 🙂 This one’s for my valuable clients and loyal readers! I just want to share these three important strategies and lessons I learned while dating.

Like many (if not all) of you are now, I was single for many (MANY) years – but finally married the love of my life at age 39.

If I could do it all over, I wish I had told myself these things on one of those many, many (MANY) years I was still single:

Bat in Your League

Full disclosure: My first mistake was looking for an S-T-U-D – “a hunka hunka burning love.” But why?! At least for me, dating a showboat always led to trouble, all you really want and need is someone to love. In my late 30s, some would say that (okay I’ll say it) I was “past my prime.” I should have looked in the mirror. While still attractive (if I may say so myself), I needed to rethink what type of man I was seeking. Looking at my dating profile, I realized some (okay, MANY) of my “must-haves” were getting in the way – so I changed it. I cannot promise that the next man who shows interest on a dating site will end up being your Prince Charming. Though I definitely didn’t settle, I did compromise. And someone who is not a perfect man was perfect for me!

The Steep Cost of Doing Nothing

So the last few weekends you decide to sit at home and relax. After all, you have many (MANY) (okay, enough with the “many” jokes!) good reasons: Baby, it’s HOT outside; online dating apps suck; I just want to meet Mr. Right without the Internet. But those are just excuses – I know, because I used all of them plus dozens more. But guess what? That just prolonged the time I was unhappily single (some of those years were admittedly a LOT of fun!) – so stop with the excuses and let’s get back to work!

Are You Learning From Your Dating Experiences?

For many years, dating wasn’t about getting a guy to like you – it was about you choosing the right guy. I used dating for entertainment and fun. Most single people have a harmful habit (or 10) that we’d like to break you of. Maybe you are – or are just coming off as – insecure. Conversely others, conversely, may be – or coming off as – over confident. Now is a good time to really evaluate what you’re doing wrong and commit to changing – and we can help!

So there you have it. Take it from me – it is always a great time to reevaluate yourself, your standards, and what you’re communicating to potential matches about yourself and your standards. And above all else, don’t stop dating! The only ones who don’t find romance are the ones that stop looking. If you read this article on the important lessons I learned while dating and realized you could use some help… it is time to contact or call us at (404) -888-1118 so we can help. We have two different dating services and date coaching sessions that could help.

Sarah Kathryn Walmsley – Founder