The History of Matchmaking and Matchmaking History In ATL

July 1, 2017

The History of Matchmaking and Matchmaking History In ATL

Matchmaking History – You can read an interesting and poignant overview of matchmaking in the history of the world in the article by JR Thorpe entitled “Matchmaking History in 7 Strange Facts.”

In short there are 7 Phases in Matchmaking History:

  • Biblical
  • Greek
  • Eastern
  • Jewish Mothers / Italian Mothers
  •  It’s Just Lunch
  • 1 on 1 Matchmaking

In ATL the history of matchmaking has a more colorful and controversial past.

The history of matchmaking in Atlanta has a varied and checkered past. Many people would say that paying to find love in ATL is basically a Rip-Off. Others (especially in the Jewish community, which has been known for the art of matchmaking since biblical times) would swear that it’s the only way to find a satisfying relationship. Still others question the benefit versus cost of matchmaking. In future articles i’ll address each of these impressions and more – but most of all, I’ share with you:

Why 1 on 1 Matchmaking is Different

In a word, matchmaking with 1 on 1 Matchmaking is different because:

  • We Attract the Best Clientele:
    • Attractive
    • Intellignet
    • Active
    • Successful
    • Truly Seeking a Great Partner
  • We Invest the time to get to know both you and your prospective date/partner BEFORE we introduce you
  • We verify the facts (like income, profession, and marital status) so you avoid the Oops!
  • We listen to both you and your prospective intently partners with the goal of making the best love connections
  • We have an absolutely amazing success record in ATL – “Ask Us About Our Absolutely Amazing Success Record.”

Is The Benefit of Finding Love Tomorrow Worth The Cost?

Most people who are interested in our services ask very early in the process

“How Much Does Matchmaking Cost” and
“Do you think it is really worth it?”

First, If I did not think finding love was worth the cost of our services – then I would not be in this business.

Second, what is a great loving relationship worth to you economically, emotionally, and socially.

Third, what is the cost of not finding love, dining alone, and not having someone to share the celebrations of the up and minimize the pain of the downs worth to you.

So why not get started dating today – call me today at (404) 355 – 4646 and find love tomorrow!

Need a next “First Date?”  Call me!  I have dozens of hot, successful, and fun men an women ready to meet you – who are each waiting for their next “First Date,” and maybe even their “Last First Kiss!”



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