How to Meet Single Women in Atlanta

August 17, 2017

By Anna Lentz

Finding a woman in Atlanta shouldn’t be too difficult, but it all depends on your game plan. Step One: Get a game plan.

The ratio for singles is 8:1 women to men. Even though it seems like shooting fish in a barrel, you may not even have a clue on where to go. I am writing this to you as if you were my friend. Here is my best advice and fist bump for effort. Go get ‘em, slugger.

First stop would be a mall. Women love to shop and especially when they need a boost in ego. I am not saying we’re vulnerable at the mall, but I am saying your only competition may be a new bag. Walk around Phipps Plaza, Avalon, or Ponce City Market to find single ladies browsing. Maybe invite them over to a trendy restaurant to have a drink or to Starbucks for a coffee.

If you strike out here, consider going over to a grocery or farmers’ market. Single women are always trying to be healthier, so I would suggest browsing the racks of neighborhood locations like Whole Foods, Sprouts, or Trader Joe’s. Several neighborhoods also have open-air markets on Saturday mornings. Consider a stroll through Piedmont Park, St. Phillips in Buckhead, or Morningside’s across from Alons. You are bound to see plenty of ladies purchasing organic vegetables who might want to cook dinner with you!

The weather is great in the South – so take advantage of the year-round sunshine. Are you renting at Post or Gables? I hear these are hotbeds for young singles laying in the sun or having drinks by the pool on their days off. Strolling through your local park or green space, like the Greenway, is a good way to find potential matches. Own a dog? Take him or her with you. Ladies love striking up conversations with men while playing with his dog. Restaurant patios are always a good option too. Try the live music options like Yebo Beach Haus on Wednesdays, JCT Kitchen on a Thursday, or Gypsy Kitchen on Fridays. Your odds of finding groups of ladies on the prowl at these venues are better when the sun is setting.

My last suggestion is follow your thirst. Keep your eyes open for wine nights at venues such as Barcelona, Murphy’s, and Watershed. Women are always up for a good glass of vino and for someone interesting to share a bottle with. If it’s too early for an adult beverage, check out a coffee shop. Starbucks is a good stop or check out local spots like Corso Coffee or Dancing Goats Coffee Shop. Show up, hydrate, and strike up a conversation.

In Atlanta, always be aware of how you look and the things you say. Confidence goes a long way, but don’t seem too presumptuous. Keep your eyes up, hands to yourself, conversation light, and – this is key – do not ignore the friend(s) with them. Girls are always looking for a guy who will get along well with their friends. You will never get a first date if you’re rude to those close to them.

So my advice is simple: Play smart and play hard. You’ll find the single ladies out and about in the most social city in the South. If not, just buy one Beyoncé ticket for yourself – and be prepared to serenade all the single ladies. (Knowing the lyrics will help…)