Top 15 Places to Meet Singles in Atlanta – By 1 on 1 Matchmaking

January 13, 2023

I know, I know: when vetting potential partners, you need to know about their political views. I get that. However there is a time and a place! More than a few otherwise charming and adorable singles have been written off due to their political fervor that is, quite frankly, off putting. To that end, we’ve brainstormed this idea at the office and came up with some do’s and do-not’s until you pull the election lever.

1 – Never assume someone shares your opinion.

For example, “Can you believe that (candidate x) wants to [insert controversial proposal here]?” I mean, the nerve, right?

First Dates - NBC.com2 – Asking someone’s party affiliation might not fly until after the first month milestone.

If your conversations with potential matches go something like this, you may be in trouble.


You: Hi. I’m Karen.
Him: I’m David.
You: Nice to meet you, David. What do you do?
Him: I’m an investment banker.
You: Oh, yeah? That’s interesting
Him: What about y-
You: (interrupting) Democrat or Republican?
Him: Wow. I was just.
You: (interrupting) Answer the question, flip-flopper!

3 – As a rule, politics and religion make poor conversation fodder.

How to Get Her to Give You Another Shot - AskMenYeah, I get it: the weather is dull. But you know what? Dull has never offended anyone, either. Politics might fly a little better on odd-numbered years, but during election season, everyone is a bit more inclined to tear your head off. Think about it: the pundits on cable news can’t even speak in a civil manner about elections, so how can two strangers, particularly when after the second pinot noir?

4 – Opposites attract, so don’t shut the door on those who disagree with you.

25 Free Date Ideas for Couple | Cute, Fun, Romantic Dates You Must TryThink: Carville and Matalin. Political differences can be overcome, but don’t make that the first hurdle. Focus on someone’s personality, their manners, hell, their looks! In general, its tough to seek only those who match you perfectly on ever idea and hobby. Imagine the difficulty of finding a lapse-Catholic, rock-climbing, vegan, Libertarian, Harley-enthusiast, competitive video gaming, scrapbooking attorney who has a 401(k) and loves dogs, but not cats. Good luck with that.
As always, we return to our mantra of sorts: be yourself, relax, extend others some courtesy, and you’ll be fine. And maybe you should consider leaving the Obama or McCain “flair” at home. Listen more on our Deep Diving into Dating podcast!