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October 9, 2014

In the world we live in today, no one wants to wait for anything. We are constantly trying to figure out ways to get things faster. With our fast moving lifestyle, does it really make sense to hold on to old rules, such as waiting 3 days to call or text the person after a first date? We have mixed feelings and you’ll see why below.

First let’s take a look at why this rule originated in the first place. No one wants to seem too eager or desperate. For this reason, we try to portray that we’re “too busy” to worry about the man or woman that we are interested in. This is the number one rule in the “Hard to Get” playbook, and has been preached for decades.

We aren’t completely discrediting the idea. There are still people and situations where this tactic may work. However, living in an impatient world, creates impatient people. And we all know that if you don’t hear from him or her for three or more days after a date, you’ll likely drive yourself crazy with “what if’s” and obsessively check their social media accounts to see if you can figure out what they have better to do than talk to you. This isn’t healthy for anyone. Waiting can actually put more strain on the situation. Your date could assume you’re no longer interested in seeing them again. They could also be put-off if they think you’re trying to play games with them.

After a first date, the minds of both participants are going through several different things. “Did I have fun?” “Did they have fun?” “I wonder what they thought about me.” “Do I want to see them again?” “Does he/she want to see me again?” It can be a stressful thought process.

Maybe it is time for us to stop trying to play so many games and just go out on a limb. Why not give them a call or send a quick text the next day to let them know that you had a great time and that you hope you can do it again sometime? By letting him or her know you had a good time, you relax the situation and open the door for the two of you to possibly talk about a second date. As long as you keep it short and sweet, you won’t come off as desperate.

If you’re really interested in pursuing something further with someone after the first date, don’t wait 3 days to tell them you had a good time. Hearing from you earlier than expected will likely be a pleasant and welcomed surprise.