Time for a New Hunting Ground?

September 30, 2021

Often, women and men find themselves feeling like they go out and never find any quality leads for a potential partner. Maybe it’s time to change things up a bit and find a new dating scene!
Sure, you and your girls probably go out to dinner every week to your favorite restaurants, but just because you love those places, doesn’t mean good men do. How often are men yearning to go to the hot new wine bar?

Maybe you are a guy who goes out to the same strip of bars every week. Look around the bar you are patronizing. Does it look like the place you would want your future wife dwelling?

Women, we encourage you to visit places that have a better mix of men and women if you’re looking for a new dating scene. Try burger joints or steak houses. Also, you’ll be more approachable, if you opt to eat at the bar or at high top tables. Sitting with your friends in a booth, isn’t very welcoming. The less restricted you are the more approachable you are, so be sure to think of things you and your friends can do, besides eating out every weekend too!

Men, good women like bars just as much as you do, but make sure it’s a quality bar. Popular sports bars are good, but bars that people come to just to smoke and drown their sorrows are not favorable places to meet women. Lounges are also a place you will find women looking to socialize, while staying in your element.

As the weekend draws near, we, the matchmakers here at One on One Matchmaking, hope this helps!

Until next time, good luck!