15 questions to ask if you really want to get to know someone…

January 13, 2021

Starting a new relationship and want to dig down deep and really get to know someone? We have just the idea for you.

Plan a date night in. Cook dinner together, open a bottle of wine, and then move to the couch. It’s time for a game- asking questions to really get to know them. Best easy recipes.

Each person grabs a pen and some cut up pieces of paper. Write some questions down that you want to know about the person you are dating. Crinkle them up and throw them in a hat or bowl. Then take turns grabbing 1 question out then each person has to answer that question. The more you share, the more they will feel comfortable sharing. It’s important to be vulnerable, because that strengthens relationships.

Here are some ideas of what to write down and some ideas of detailed answers:

  • What are 2 words you’d use to describe yourself that show the good and to show the not so good?
    • Example answer- people would say I am fun, but I can be really impatient.
  • Tell me your most embarrassing moment?
  • Tell a story of a happy memory you had as a child.
  • Imagine that you could only wear 1 color for the rest of your life what would it be?
  • What’s the most sentimental item you own?
    • Example answer: A quilt my aunt made me or an old birthday card I have from my deceased grandfather.
  • Plan out  your death bed meal be?
  • What’s your most reckless teenage story?
  • Name the first concert you went to?
  • What’s something you would pay more than it costs?
    • Example answer: I would pay more for a football game if my team is in the championship.
  • Do you have a most proud moment/ what are you most proud of?
  • If you can dine with three dinner guests dead or alive who would they be?
  • What are your family get-togethers like?
    • Example answer: I have a big family with 13 cousins all around the same age. We like to drink wine and play games at Thanksgiving.
  • Think about winning 100 million dollar lottery – what are the first three things you would do/buy?
  • Let’s say money didn’t matter- what is your dream vacation?
  • Describe a perfect day for you?
    • Example answer- I wake up in a hotel in the mountains, go to the spa for the day and get a massage and read a book, eat a delicious lunch, take a nap, get ready for a fancy, then end the night by a fire pit with a glass of wine.

The goal of this game is to really get to know your partner. It’s perfect for a blossoming relationship, but also a relationship that’s already been established for awhile. So carve out some quality time together, sit down and get cozy, be vulnerable, and learn more about your partner.

Written by: Emily Dodge