3 Ways to be Irresistible to Men

December 15, 2020

I’d like to tell you about my dear friend Kate, who is the best dater I have EVER seen. Good-looking men are drawn to her like flies to a lantern! Men who will and want to treat her like a princess are lined up at her doorstep. She is not the “hot smokin’ babe” that you may imagine, but she is cute. She has blonde hair, freckles, hazel eyes, a curvy body, about 5’2″…

Kate always has a huge smile on her face. As a matchmaker, I knew she was a shining example of how one could get a date. Here are a few ways to be irresistible to men.

I’ve long observed her irresistible sweetness, and want to tell you what her secret is:

She Dresses and Acts the Part:

Kate clearly loves being a woman. At her last Eight at Eight event, she wore a fitted jacket with ruffles, paired a skirt with heels, and smelled divine. She enjoys being a girl and her outfit screamed, “Ladies and gentleman watch me pick up a handsome man!” All of the other women at the event wore plain black blazers or dark colors. Needless to say, they were simply out-sparkled. Outfit ideas here. 

She Lets Others Shine:

She’s engaged and engaging. She sounds excited when listening to everyone’s life story. If someone told her he was an accountant, she would respond “Oh, that’s so interesting. I am always impressed with people who are good with money! Tell me about your clients. Do you have multiple clients or do you work for just one? (Careful to throw in an arm touch here and a look of fascination there)”. The person she is talking to feels like the most interesting person in the world at that moment.

She Doesn’t Have a Type:

Kate’s #1 rule in dating: If he seems nice enough and worth her time to get to know, why not?

Kate gives herself at least a 15 year age range. She finds older men fascinating and sophisticated. The younger bucks keep her attention and up the energy level of her dates. Kate is also open-minded on ethnicity. She sees that 5’7″ guy with a foreign accent, the one that everyone else blew off instantly, and expects to have a nice date with him.

As single professionals, I think most of us walk into a room and waste no time before judging who is “dateable”. Kate never ends the game before it starts. She knows the rules, plays hard, and has a winning attitude – and never forgets to smile. These are only a few ways to be irresistible to men.

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