3 Ways to Stay Safe While Dating…
September 23, 2020

Let’s pretend…You are getting ready for your date- thinking about how the night is going to go- are you going to have fun or is it going to be a bust? You don’t know. But you leave your house to meet up with a “stranger.” Maybe a blind date, an online match. This can go really well and it can be your last first date- or it can go horribly wrong and you might be putting yourself in a bad situation. We’ve heard the horror stories. There are 3 things YOU need to make sure you are doing on these dates that can ensure that you stay safe and don’t get yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

3 Things YOU Need to do to Date Safer…

  1. You should limit alcohol consumption

When you are out on a date, we can’t control how much people drink, but you can control yourself. Yes, we have had some bad dates happen, and guess what? Most of the feedback starts with, “he was wasted” or “he downed like 3 glasses of wine in an hour!” And there goes the date, downhill fast. People act differently when drunk and might get too comfortable when sharing and physically touching.  Limiting your alcohol consumption not only saves you from a hangover, but it will likely avoid any uncomfortable advances.

  • You should have your own transportation

Be careful about sharing Ubers and rides home with new people you just met. We suggest having your own transportation unstil the 2nd or 3rd date when you feel more comfortable.

  • Have your “Gotta Go!” Excuse Ready

Trust your gut. The moment the date starts going downhill and you get unconformable, have a plan to leave. DO NOT just go to the bathroom and never come back. Have a polite exit planned before you even walk into the restaurant.

Some people don’t even want to mess with online dating. It is sketchy, there is no vetting and you never know who you are really meeting. They may have a lot of baggage, weird health history, or worse- they could be still married. If you fall into this category where you don’t want to get started on that apps, then you should look into our boutique matchmaking service in Atlanta – One on One Matchmaking. We make sure our clients are safe when dating- here is how.

3 Ways WE Help You Date Safer

  1. We don’t give out personal details

When you date through us, we are confidential. We don’t give out last names. We don’t share personal details that you want to keep private. You date and share based on your comfortability level. 

  • We make you meet in a safe and public environment

The reason we schedule dates at restaurants is not just because we like clients to have dinner dates. The reason we also schedule them and make reservations is to ensure you guys actually get introduced and because meeting out in a public place is way safer than a quiet park or a loud concert. We want both parties to feel comfortable in public.

  • We wait to give out your number

A lot of people ask why we don’t give out numbers sooner in the matching process, one reason is that it’s safer to give it out the day of the date. Texting too much can lead to progressing too fast that some people are comfortable with, judgments, and a lot more. You’re definitely able to text your match to confirm the date and say you are excited, just don’t overdo it or make someone uncomfortable.

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