Better Dating Profile 5 Tips For Winning More Dates

May 2, 2017

Better Dating Profile 5 Tips For Winning More Dates

5 Tips to a Better Dating Profile and Winning More Dates

Tell Your Story and Follow These 5 Simple Tips To Build A Better Dating Profile by Following these Tips BEFORE You Start Creating Your Dating Profile.

Be Likable

Build a better dating profile! Tell your story clearly for a better dating profile and better results. According to influence and persuasion expert Robert Cialdini, bestselling author of Influence – “People prefer to do business with people that they know, like, and trust.”

You may not think of dating, or meeting a new girl or guy as business, but, make no mistake about it, when you are seeking to date a person you have not met, you are definitely better armed when you apply this stealth killer technique from the “6 Weapons of Influence.”

Likable Defined:

having qualities that bring about a favorable regard :  pleasant, agreeable


How to be Likable

The 2nd most most important tip of the 5 Tips to a Better Dating Profile and Win More Dates that is related to being likable, is for the person you wish to date to believe that you are like them.

The single biggest way to win the soul of another person is to share and battle a common enemy. Study his profile, what stands out?

What does he hate? If you are a liberal, does he hate conservatives. Does he stand up for the protection of the environment and against the fossil fuel industry? Do his convictions inspire and attract you?

Once you have identified these characteristics, common enemies, and attractive traits, then either create your new better dating profile to mirror his passions and motivations. If you already have a profile, log into your account and edit it to reflect his beliefs (that you truly share) and then reach out to him.

If you need some easier ways to set the “likability” hook, then try one of these:

Does he like dogs and dislike cats?

Better Dating Profile Tip – Make a List Before Your Create Your Profile and Draft A Better Dating Profile and Win More Dates

Does he hate rap and love country music?

Is he spiritual and not religious, or is he a “born again” fundamental Christian?

Does he like Ford or Chevy?

Continue to make your own list, and you will start to see how strongly you can lead him to like you, and how easy it is to leverage his attraction as you get to know him better.

Use this list to create your better dating profile.

Be Unique and Write A Better Dating Profile

If you want to create a better dating profile that will tell your story effectively, then use these 5 Tips to a Better Dating Profile and Winning More Dates and take out a yellow pad and start to list what makes you unique. If you are a lady:

Are you a blonde or a redhead?

Do you have green eyes or blue eyes?

Are you native tan or Irish white?

Do you have and interesting occupation (like a cardiologist or an NFL cheerleader?

Can you cook unusual ethnic dishes (Ethiopian, Croatian, or maybe just Suth’n Soul Food)?

Do you wear Oscar de la Renta dresses to your high powered job in the law office, but, have a secret passion for putting on jeans and a flannel shirt to go hunting or fishing in your down time?

Be Unique And Stand Out Amongst the Dating Crowd with a Better Dating Profile

Be Interesting Online With a Better Dating Profile and Win More Dates!

Another way to stand out is to reveal interesting and unexpected hobbies or causes that you participate in. Maybe you volunteered to help Habitat for Humanity build houses, or went to Haiti with your church to help hurricane ravaged families, or even tight a disadvantaged immigrant to read and write English as a second language.

Reach deep inside your history and your diary and pull out the gems that make you you. The actions and passions that are closest to you heart and have touched the most people are sure to be the ones that inspire and endear your unknown admirer to you as well.

Shucks, tell him the story about the time your sister’s cat climbed the tree and would not come down. The time when you bravely climbed the tree, scuffed your knees, and even sustained a few cat scratches as you bravely rescued the kitty, scampered down the tree and handed her back to your smiling baby sister.

Be transparent, be triumphant, and be revealing.

Be Vulnerable

I’ve mentioned the power of a damning self-admission before here on  Don’t necessarily confess your deepest, darkest s in on the first date or even the third.  But, do reveal something a little private or a bit scandalous – yet harmful.  It’ll create a sense of conspiracy and  intrigue.

Be Memorable

Most of all be memorable, say and do little things that will stay in his or her mind.  Be just a tad outrageous or uninhibited. Have fun and create memories – hopefully memories that you’ll both be remembering and smiling about 50 years from now.

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