Easy Tips to Save Time and Money on Dating

May 12, 2022

Easy Tips to Save Time and Money on Dating

too busy to date?

Summer is coming. That means more singles are out of their house and warming up in the Atlanta sunshine. Singles thrive during this peak time of dating, but it can get time consuming and expensive to embrace all the dates you want to go on. We are here to give you easy tips to save time and money and dating!

1. Save Time

Meeting up with friends during off-peak hours like mid-morning for an iced coffee and a walk around the Beltline frees up your evenings for dating. Too often we are not intentional in our planning and end up with scheduling conflicts. If you are proactive and make it a priority to schedule friends during off-peak hours, you’re more likely to be free for dinner when you have the opportunity to meet someone new.

2. Save Money

Let’s face it: dating is expensive, but acknowledging that fact is a trap! It’s like answering the question, “does this make me look fat?” Just don’t do it! There’s definitely a time to be frugal, but that time is not when you’re on a first date. Like it or not, it leaves an impression. Instead, save money everywhere else this summer so you can put your best foot forward on dates.

  • Maximize happy hour. Tons of places around town host happy hours – not only is this an opportunity to hang out with friends during off-peak hours, leaving prime time free for dating, but it’s also a great way to save money. From half priced drinks and appetizers to bottomless glasses of wine, happy hours are definitely a way to pinch pennies and still be out and about this summer without sacrificing the ability to go out on dates.
  • Hit up free events. There are always free events around the city during the summer, from outdoor concerts and street markets to art festivals and window shopping. This is yet another way to be out with pals without dipping into the dating budget.
  • Enjoy a night in. There’s no need to go out all the time. Consider hosting a game night at your place on the back deck and having everyone bring their own beverages. It’s fun and free!

3.  Do Both

While I wouldn’t suggest it for a first date, taking someone you’re interested in on a picnic is considered romantic and thoughtful. It’s also one of the least expensive date ideas there is without being considered cheap. #winning Choose a nearby park with lots of good people-watching, and pack a few of your favorite items. You can even save time by picking up the food instead of preparing it yourself.