Finding Love in Atlanta

March 6, 2022

The Love Story of Emily and Robert

Emily came into our office August 20, 2020. Robert came into our office August 24, 2020. They got married September 2021. Talk about a success story! Emily gave us insight on how their love story blossomed and how they went about finding love in Atlanta…

“In mid-July of 2020 during the pandemic, my father asked me if I was open to hiring a matchmaking service to find someone. I was pretty much up for anything, but I didn’t think a matchmaking service was going to be the way I would find my soulmate.” Anyone who knows Emily knows that she isn’t much of a city girl. She wasn’t sure if Altanta was the place she was going to find love.  Robert too had been trying common methods to find the right person and though reluctant as well, he gave the matchmaking thing a try.” The Matchmakers were hired! The ladies in the office worked on setting up Emily and Robert, one of their first matches with the service. They were scheduled to meet at Ecco in Buckhead. 

The First Date…

“I had a date scheduled through One on One Matchmaking with Robert on Saturday, August 29th. My mom suddenly got very ill and had to be rushed to the hospital. I wrote a long message on Friday to Robert explaining what was happening and he was so sweet about it. I had to cancel our date, but we had a wonderful phone conversation as I sat in my driveway. We must have talked for an hour. I didn’t realize it at the time but I was finding the love of my life while at the same time losing the love of my life.”

During her visits to the hospital, Emily and Robert kept open a line of communication via phone. “He would offer to bring me anything I might need- and said like what about a chicken sandwich? My Mom kept referring to him as “Is he the one who offered to bring you a chicken sandwich?” Yeah, mom that’s him. I hear her asking that even now.” They kept putting off their first in person date, due to the hospital visits, a sick mom, and Covid- it really was a hard time for Emily to be dating.

“So our first date was a walk at Piedmont Park in Atlanta. I parked at Botanical Gardens and our first kiss was on the bench outside of the gardens. It was magical.”  She looks back on first meeting Robert, and has a clear memory of him making her feel really comfortable. At One on One Matchmaking, the Matchmakers always call each party after the date to hear about how it went and to get feedback. In our database we keep track of each date and the notes.

Feedback from Emily:  It was really good! He’s a great guy. It seemed like we had a lot in common! Should be seeing each other again on Wednesday.
Feedback from Robert: It was fantastic, went really well. Yes to a second date! Definitely chemistry there and we had a lot in common.

The Progression of the Relationship…

“Robert would Covid test to see me and we would have dates at my house together. Our relationship slowly revolved around these dates at my house due to Covid protocol. He would come over and cook often after bringing a covid negative test every time. This may not seem normal, but we were not going through a normal time.” Emily and Robert went through so many hurdles when they first met. Then top that off with Covid and Emily not being able to risk testing positive. How sweet was it that Robert would come to her house negative test in hand each time!?

Their love story blossomed pretty quick!  “On one of our early dates, we talked on the couch and we mutually decided to end our service with One on One Matchmaking.” This means that they both decided to become exclusive and to take their relationship to the next stage. With joining a Matchmaking Service, you are promised a certain amount of dates in a certain time frame. When you find someone you want to progress your relationship with, you call the Matchmakers and “go on hold.” This lets the Matchmakers know not to set you up with new potential matches.

“Robert unfortunately met my family under horrible circumstances, the day before my mom’s funeral. To say we were put through some the of the most strenuous times one can go through is an understatement. I was at my lowest point and he truly saved me and stayed by my side. Robert was able to see my true self. He saw someone who was so strong and determined to be there for her family and that would move mountains for them. She had the characteristics of someone he could spend the rest of his life with. I may not have realized how great Robert truly was if I wasn’t so hands on with my Mom. He came into my life at the perfect moment I think for us both. Timing is a funny thing and someone upstairs put us together at that moment. Probably Nana!”

On February 27th, we got ENGAGED!

“We walked the beach together with my family behind us on the exact same beach we walked just months earlier with my mom and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!  He knew I wanted to be with my family and in memory of my mom, so he made it super special with the beach, asking me with my mom’s ring and family in tow.  It’s something I will cherish forever and am able to share with our future children.”

Flash forward to September 2021, and they are married! They truly did find love in Atlanta.