Fun Outdoor Activities for Meeting Men & Women

November 5, 2017

If you are tired of going to a busy bar hoping – but failing – to meet someone you’re attracted, try one or more of the fun outdoor options covered below. But, remember, you’ll still need to smile, be outgoing and approachable, and look your best.

While we’re making these suggestions, it’s best if you get creative and think outside the box – or, in this case, outside the bar – to find the activities that suit you best.

Volunteering. Most large volunteer-dependent organizations, like animal shelters, host big events regularly throughout the year. You can just sign up and show up; but, if you’re on a committee, then you’ll get to meet more of the other volunteers. (HINT: Try to stand next to the person you find most attractive when they’re assigning tasks. That way, you’ll have a better chance of spending the day with them and getting to know them better!)

Coed Leagues. If you’re sporty and social, look for opportunities to join a kickball, soccer, softball, or volleyball league. A lot of cities host these groups and those in the 20s-30s flock to them. Moreover, after the games, many celebrate winning (or recover from losing) at a nearby bar. Leagues provide weekly opportunities for you to show off your competitive spirit and how chill you can be while hanging out afterward.

Dog Parks. If you already have a dog – or need to borrow one from a friend – why not head over to your local dog park? It’s easy to spark up a conversation with other dog owners! Spot someone attractive? Just ask about what kind of breed or mix someone else’s dog is, compliment how cute he/she is, and/or ask where they got the dog’s collar. It’s that simple – and may just lead to getting someone’s (real!) phone number.

MeetUp Groups. MeetUp’s slogan used to be: “Whatever your interest, wherever you are.” They have loads of groups for singles, whether you’re into hiking, biking, running, or other outdoor adventures. Just go to, get a free profile if you don’t already have one, and enter your zip code and how many miles you’d be willing to travel. Then just scroll through the possibilities. Or, you can search on keywords to find specific interests. It’s easier to do it on your computer, but you’ll definitely want to get their free app on your phone. Once you’re at a MeetUp, start chatting with people you’re attracted to. Most groups are free and the others are usually reasonably priced.

Facebook Events. To find a list of diverse events going on in your area for the day, week, or month, check out the Events page (under the Explore tab on the left hand side of your newsfeed if you’re on a computer). Depending on your neighborhood or city, you might find yoga in the park, festivals, sports-watch parties, improv classes, or many other options.

Eventbrite. As with Meetup and Facebook Events, you can search Eventbrite to find fun outdoor activities. It’s free to get an account and some – but not all – of the events do have costs associated.

There are many other tried-and-true ways to find fun outdoor activities, including looking through local newspapers, searching online, and – this one’s really (not) unique – asking people you know. Got suggestions for other readers? Put them in the comments!

Whatever you choose, whether or not you meet someone attractive depends, in great part, on you. Just showing up doesn’t guarantee someone you find attractive is going to approach you. Maybe you’ll need to make the first move by asking a question, giving a compliment, talking about the event. As always, be approachable!