Personal Space in Dating – Three Areas to Avoid

February 1, 2023

How do you value and respect someone’s personal space while dating? Sometimes friendly people get carried away with physical touch and hugging people before getting to know them. Don’t be that person! It will run off your date. We have advice for three areas to avoid if you want to learn how to respect someone else’s personal space in dating.

Area #1 – Face

The first date is probably not the best time to caress your date’s face, no matter how nice it looks. Even if they have something on their face, be cautious of touching it. A person’s face is a very intimate area and the hands of a stranger can be unsettling to someone who is not as touchy as you.

Area #2 – Hands

If you are getting all the right signals and you are towards the end of the date, it may be suitable to hold or rub hands. If you just sat down at the dinner table, leave your date’s hands alone. We know you may be physically attracted to the person in front of you, but don’t do it right away!

Area #3 – Le Bum

Guys…and gals for that matter, always respect someone else’s value for personal space. Do not put your hands near your date’s le bum on the first date. Not even on the second date. Touching an intimate part of someone too early can make the person who might be hot and heavy for you turn cold. Until the time is appropriate for both parties involved, keep them yearning for your touch.

These are the three areas to avoid to respect someone’s personal space in dating. Consent is always important to remember for any relationship.

Until next time, good luck! To prepare for your first date, here are 3 Ways to Stay Safe While Dating.