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Best Rooftop Bars & Restaurants in Atlanta

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What’s better than an ice-cold beverage on a beautiful Atlanta day? Drinking it (them?) while gazing at a view of our better-than-fair city! Let’s fill you in on the rooftop locales where you’ll find lots of singles. Without as many skyscrapers as, say New York City, the “breathtaking views” may only be of the other… Read More >

Top 15 Places to Meet Singles in Atlanta

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Whether you’re new to – or a native of – Atlanta and seeking great places to meet singles, have we got a list for you: Regent Cocktail Club If you’re in your late 20s-late 40s and either are – or are looking for – a successful, well-dressed gentleman, try the Regent Cocktail Club on a… Read More >

Dating Tips for Atlanta Winters

We may not be in the North Pole, but winter in Atlanta can still get pretty chilly and gloomy! In case you don’t have anyone to cozy up with in the romantic glow of an actual fireplace, we’ve got some tips on how to keep your dating life active while “wintering in Atlanta.” First, let’s… Read More >

How to Dress on a Second Date

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Congratulations! Your first date went well (which is not always the case). Maybe you both even felt a little – or a lot – of fireworks going off. What now? Getting ready for a second date can be nerve-wracking. Time to test whether or not your chemistry has potential. In addition to your confidence, conversation,… Read More >

Fun Outdoor Activities for Meeting Men & Women

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If you are tired of going to a busy bar hoping – but failing – to meet someone you’re attracted, try one or more of the fun outdoor options covered below. But, remember, you’ll still need to smile, be outgoing and approachable, and look your best. While we’re making these suggestions, it’s best if you… Read More >

Great Ways to Meet Professional Men in Atlanta

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If you’re a wonderful woman looking for places to mingle with marvelous men, then this article is for you. To make it easier on you, we’re going to break it down by age groups. 20s & 30s. Professional men – consultants, financial advisors, recruiters, and more – tend to hang out in bars and restaurants… Read More >

Where to Meet Single Women in Atlanta

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Are you a single guy in Atlanta who wants to meet single women offline? If you want to use more traditional methods, we’ve got some good news: Single women are everywhere in our city; and, in most cases, they’re hoping you’ll approach them and strike up a conversation. A normal, non-creepy conversation, that is –… Read More >

Atlanta Hot Spots for Singles ages 30-50

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After age 30, the dating scene in Atlanta changes drastically. Southern girls – correction: Southern women – don’t walk shoeless down North Highland. Men are (usually) not pounding beers and shots at the Buckhead bars. The game changes when marriage is in sight, and when your partners in crime are themselves in long-term relationships or marriages…. Read More >

Clever and Unique 2nd Date Ideas in Atlanta

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By Jennifer Miotke Pay attention, men, this is your time to shine – so please don’t screw it up! Because, when we women get married, we talk about what we did on our first few dates – a lot! And few things make a woman swoon more than a man with a plan – so… Read More >